My new bowl!

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    Well, I just got this a few weeks ago from a "friend" for $15. It's really small (which I like) so I can fit it in my pockets quickly and unnoticeably. It hits really smooth and I think it was a good buy. I like the colors too :D.

    You guys think it was a good buy?
  2. haha thats sick i need a spoon i got one isnt mine :( and still need to give it back had it for like 2 weeks now.
  3. At least he let you use it! :)
  4. For $15, as long as it was clean then I'd say that was a pretty good deal. Enjoy it man, how does it hit?
  5. Eh, it was relitively clean..I cleaned it out well before using it. And it hits very smooth, never pulled through once yet I'm happy to say. *knocks on wood*
  6. Yea I bet it would look real nice once you get all that res out but smoke the res don't wash it away..yea nice piece 15$ bucks bot bad brother
  7. Make sure you clean that bro, it looks a lil dirty.
    If i ever bought a pipe off a friend i would definately clean it before i even used it
  8. honestly? like for reals?
    I don't really like it. i mean its neat and all and id totally hit it, but, its a pretty standard spoon imo. nothing really special. but hey, enjoy smokin it.
  9. I don't get when people ask "how does it hit" talking about a glass spoon. It makes no sense IMO a spoon is a spoon they all do the same thing (a straight hit of un-cooled smoke) just have a different design correct? Will some one explain why people say this?
  10. you could have bought a nicer and actual new one for same price or for 20.
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    Well this is the only one I could get my hands on. I wish I could order
    Although I'm planning on buying something nice from here over the summer.

    I bought it a little dirty, but cleaned it till it was clear, then smoked it to this :smoke:
  12. Looks nice man. I like the colors to for 20 smackers i would say its a decent trade
  13. goodbye :wave:

    nice bowl though aha
  14. i just saw that too hahahah
    C Ya man! :hello::wave:
  15. Your 14. Wow. Regardless of GC rules, just wow.
  16. 14 isn't that young to smoke dude.

    EDIT: I mean it is quite young, but kid's these days ya dig..
  17. Yah, 2 year old indo kids smoking on tv and shit :D

    Atleast they're not making GC accounts tho (perhaps they read the rules?)
  18. i remember when i was too young to get pipes from shops or places that did sell them. i had friends go in and buy them so... GET OLDER FRIENDS!

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