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    I bought a new bong on saturday made by a company called Irie at a shop called Jupiter, it's 10" Glass on glass, with 4 arm tree percolator and ice pinch, cost me $71 including tax, it had a generic diffused downstem but on discovery that my old Gear diffused downstem I bought last summer was the same size I cleaned it and switched it out. here is a pic of it loaded with a bowl of OG Kush


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  2. not a bad little bong but 70 for it is kinda high imo. ~40 for that seems more fair. 
  3. That's including taxes and what not, plus im in Canada
  4. That's dope.

    Should post it in my "show us your piece" thread.

  5. You have too much water in that tree. Unless you want a drink.
  6. lol my ice melted
  7. hits like a dream

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