My New Bong and Collection

Discussion in 'Bongs, Dab Rigs, Bubblers, Water Pipes' started by 420maxx, Jan 4, 2010.

  1. :smoking:
    Green bong has a perc with an ash catcher with downstem. Hits like air

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  2. nice glass. i like the gas mask thats some intense shit
    first post yo!
  3. amazing collection, when the shits legal, i'll have the sickest of sick pieces :)
  4. yah gas masks are the shit :smoking:
    this is all legal for me hah :D
  5. Sick collection man!
    I wanna start collecting pieces..
  6. yah im just starting to :smoke:
    im only 18 and most of those are mine. a few are my step bros.
    i hope to have a shitload of amazing pieces :hello:

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