My New Awesome 5-Piece SharpStone Grinder

Discussion in 'Other Smoking Accessories' started by BudnGraff, Feb 9, 2009.

  1. Sup GC!

    I ordered a 5-Piece sharpstone off of ebay 2 weeks ago and it finally came, It is soooo mad !!!

    Quality: Awesome

    Size: 2.25 (Great for pocket)

    Screens: 2

    Blades : Mad Sharp

    Overall Rating: 10/10

    I got it off this store in case you are wondering: .

    Anyways on to the pics







    Hope you like it! :D
  2. i bought the 2.5 titanium+zinc chromium crusher from the same guy... he's got 8 thousand positive feedbacks lol

  3. awesome man, watcha think?
  4. i like your description for the teeth lol "mad sharp"
  5. Nice grab man. How much was it like 35?
  6. haha yeah well im a very descriptive kinda guy.
  7. yeah about that. i think it was roughly USD$33.50
  8. Nice grinder!
  9. so how is it? im considering it?
  10. I just odered this from him last wednesday.
    Didn't come in yet.
    <img src=>

    How do you make pics show?
  11. looks tight man, sharpstones are dank. whats the second screen for though?
  12. so how is it?
  13. Sharpstone Grinder

    25$ I have the same but I lost the keif scraper :mad:
  14. Its been workin a treat, got a lil bit of kief saved up so far.
  15. I love my sharpstone but the kief scraper started flakin off into the kief chamber after a bit of use.
  16. I've got a 4 piece trueblendz with 1 screen but I'm just wondering whats the point of having 2 screens?
  17. One of the screens is finer and lets makes for better kief. But from what I've heard it takes a while for it to build up.
  18. that's HTML code, for vb board you want to tag the images like this

    hope that helps
  19. I had a 4 piece that I loved, but it had little pieces of metal flake off into the herb catch/keif area. are you having that problem yet? it's a pain in the ass. the only real big downside i found with sharpstone's
  20. Damn 2 screens are sick.

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