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Discussion in 'General' started by hoodtalker_1, Aug 12, 2008.

  1. do we have an avy making thread. i know we have some smart guys and some art guys.

    id like to see some custom sigs too...

    what do you all think of mine:hello::hello:
  2. If I had any idea what it was I would tell you what I thought. o_O
  3. It's obviously a picture of his bud with his username initials. Anyway, pretty sick bro!
  4. thank you avy = avatar
  5. Oh for real :rolleyes:

    What he probably meant was that besides the little nug and your initials, the picture is kind of hard to make sense of
  6. at least put some chronic nugs in your "avy".....:p
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    yea theres like a 40 pg thread in the artists corner of the forums i think? Revolution (a chick) made my sig along with alot of other peoples on these boards.

    EDIT* my mistake just saw that the thread was about avatars not sigs
  8. revolution does make a good sig,,,,, she made mine,,,,,

    shes the official queen of my '' double-wide'' trailer,,:cool:
  9. as far as making a new avatar,,,,

    i can get 2 more roosters,,,,,

    to face off,,,, as i did these 2,,,,,

    you wanna take the picture for me,,,,,

    you gotta get closer than i did,,,,,,

    you got balls,,,/?:smoking:

  10. Nice, I made my sig and avatar.
    Been using photoshop for 2 years now.
  11. Revolution made my sig haha its pretty bomb, I could care less about avatars though even though i do have the best on GC lol
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    Rev kicks some ass, made my sick sig.

    Thread Derailing team
  13. i need an ill sig!
  14. i love my avy..i get to see and remember sketch *rip* everyday...he was soo damn awesome...
  15. i can draw but no photoshop for me. it's all about pencil and paper.

    plus, nebulas rock
  16. who is rev this amazing sig maker
  17. hit up the artist's corner

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