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Discussion in 'General' started by wildc@rd, Dec 10, 2001.

  1. I would like to calm down a little. As the saying goes:

    "Have a word with yourself mate".

    As a gesture of goodwill to everyone at Grasscity (and I do mean everyone.... you know who you are) I have changed my avatar to suit my new found mood.

    Any comments are gratefully received.


    PS> Merry Christmas, I'm off to my villa in Polop, Alicante (Spain) this afternoon for four weeks of sipping sangria's by the pool so I won't be on for a while.....

    Oh, and nearly forgot.... two of my fellow student nurses are coming with me and according to the student room gossip - one of them (unfortunately not the nicest of the two) has told her friend that she is going to fuck my brains out. Ah youth...
  2. spain, is cool have a good time!check out the spainish dancers! and there food !latter man!tazz11

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