My New Ash Catcher Is Impossible To Clean, Help?

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    I bought an ash catcher the other day while I was out getting stuff for dabbing, my bong is a möbius matrix stemless 65t, I love it, so I bought thisashcatcher that was overa hundred bucks and it's awsome, to smoke weed or dab through it, but I ran into a problem because its bi sex, it can fit on 2 sized bongs, the water doesn't come out, here's a pic, I need help, it's already starting to tast ashy

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    Buster Hymen
  3. fuck formula 420. 90 percent alc and big box of 4 dollar coarse kosher salt. Super fast and thorough cleaning. 33 pieces and never had a problem. Works better than anything they sell at the smoke shop and last for months. I use it for pipes, bubblers, ash catchers and all my bongs. 
    Grunge off super soaker.  I used to use 99% iso and salt all the time, I bought my first bottle of grunge off when I got a Goldstein frittered perc tube (was afraid salt might get stuck in the perc) and I haven't looked back.  F alc and salt.  I only wish I knew about this stuff earlier, now when I clean my pieces my fingers aren't all pruny and dried up from the iso, they don't stink like resin or get all sticky, dump in, dump out rinse.
  5. My problem is the ash catcher doesn't allow me to pour all the water out
  6. Your using too much iso then or something lol. Its a money saver and I have owned two DGs. Its called using warm water with it lol.
  7. grunge off works just fuck spending money and re using it
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    With nearly 5K-6K in glass, 16 bucks a bottle for maintenence isn't much. I usually get it even cheaper than that. I wouldn't want to risk shaking my OG pillar or fab egg.
    ISO is a money saver, and it does work it's just  after using both I think grunge off is way easier, does a better job, makes the glass smell better than iso, and to me, the time savings using it is worth it to me.
    Me and a friend of mine were using my OG pillar...during that session which lasted maybe 4 hours.  I cleaned it 3 times so we could have nice tasting smoke the whole time.  I would've never done that if I were using iso.
  9. Then how did the water get in?  I can't see from the pics very well, they are HUGE on my computer and super fuzzy.
  10. Dont get 420 cleaner, I just had a peice of my bong chip off because it was sticking to my down stem like glue.
  11. word ill give you that on things such as the mothership and pillar perc. I wouldnt want to shake either lol

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