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  1. Whatsup GC? I made some New Beats recently, so go and check it all out at Let me know how u like My Music! :):wave:

    My Music is-

    -Trippy Stuff that'll Blow Your Mind :hippie:
    -Hip Hop

  2. dude you really should put this in the music section.

    But i'll check out your link. I freaked out yesterday listening to Aphex Twin.
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    Hardly anyone goes there... General just has a few more viewers
  4. Did u check it out? Aphex Twins is tight.:smoke:
  5. Bump Bump Bump it up
  6. Added new music!
  7. I like it man, sounds good! Check out my stuff when you have the opportunity:wave:
  8. Thanks, I have 69 songs up out of 215, u should try listening 2 them all, it'd be a real trip.
  9. New music!
  10. Update* New Music
  11. New Music!
  12. Wats good Nuggz.
    Yo everytime i get high i gotta listen to this shit
    "Day N Nite" by Kid Cudi, check it out and let me know wat you think.
  13. Flying Lotus though I'm shore you know him.
    Lemon Jelly is great to smoke to.
    Zero 7, Nightmares on Wax, Thievery Corporation, and Boards Of Canada are good too.
  14. Haha awesome I love Flying Lotus and I LOVE BOARDS OF CANADA 1 OF MY FAVORITES... SERIOUSLY SOME OF THE CHILLEST/TRIPPIEST MUSIC EVER, AFTER ME! :smoke: I got sum new songs up 2! :hello:
  15. I didn't like it... just my opinion.
  16. Lol didn't like wut?

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