My mum is almost a cop :O

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  1. She's thirty two weeks from becoming a cop. She's totally chill with me smoking and she even partakes occasionally.

    I smoke up in my trailer out the front (kitted it out to be my bedroom). Do you think things will change? I need to have a sit down and a talk. What do you guys think of the situation?

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  2. She'll probably have to stop because I believe that all active officers are tested. Maybe it also depends on what her specific position will be, who knows?
    She'll at least want you to be more discrete about it, but you seem to already be so things may end up being fine. I would be shocked if she out right said she didn't want it around, that would be an extreme change. Definitely sit down and ask her what's up.
  3. As long as you keep it discreet, that would be okay....
  4. At least in Canada, all police officers are tested. I dated a girl who was becoming a cop and she said she was fine with me smoking, just not to talk about around her.

    Things may change for you

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  5. Well she's going to have to partake in mandatory drug tests given by the state. So yeah she cant smoke anymore. What she decides to do with you is up to her though.
  6. Another corrupt cop, what a shocker.
  7. She's gonna catch that cop attitude, it's unavoidable. She might be a bit worried about you smoking near the house, cops are supossed to rat on their family if they're breaking the law.
  8. I should have my car fixed in about a month. Going on a tolerance break until it's paid for. I'm just not going to mention it until she does. And if she isn't cool with me smoking I'm happy to just take a drive and smoke at a friends.

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  9. OP asked if things would change. Not if OP's mom should stop smoking.

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  10. Fry bacon for her and ask how it feels to eat her co workers
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    I dont know, is it a small police department? Theres thousands of cops in rinky dink one horse, one traffic light towns all over that toke and go undetected. If its a larger department than more often than not its going to be bureaucratic.
    Its going to come down to the fact is- Shes a cop and her son is a drug user in the eyes of the law, (maybe its medical in your area idk) but that fact alone could get her into trouble, or you get caught- the drug user son of a cop, as would be reported in the paper and circulated in the police locker room gossip. I wouldnt have to tell you that could put a strain on herself as job as a cop and both your relationships.
  12. Corrupt? Because she smoked weed before? Lmao. Dat cop disdain is apparent.
    More like reasonable and logical.
    She's only corrupt if she makes finding stoners a seek and destroy mission; even if she arrests people for smoking doesn't make her corrupt, it makes her a cop, because she's doing her job.
    There are police that are good people and there are police that are bad people, learn the difference. 
  15. That's awesome! I couldnt tell you how many times ive had friends get out of shit because mom or dad is a cop.

    I hate to say it but the Blue Fraternity is real.
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    If you're insinuating she's a "corrupt cop" because she also smokes or has a history of smoking pot, you need a reality check. All adults were teenagers long before they were authority figure. That being said, they are all experienced with drugs and alcohol- some on a level that would put us to shame if we didn't think of our parents and elders as old and squares now. There's nothing corrupt about a cop respecting pot. That's enlightenment, not corruption. A natural substance that induces a state of euphoria isn't necessarily something she should be worried about her son partaking in, aside from the fact that it's not legal everywhere yet. I also think protecting your kids and making them the exception to the law is normal. The only laws that are going to condemn your kids are yours as long as you are their parent, and as long as you can keep them out of trouble with the government. Everyone's going to stick a limb out for their kid- anyone who is a good parent anyway.
  17. She'll probably have to stop smoking ,because I'm pretty sure you have to be drug tested in order to become a cop. I would also keep everything on the DL just in case one of her cop buddies decides to stop by whilst you're partaking in your herb,and locks you up.
  18. That's fucked up OP! But she won't be the first or last hypocrite to wear a badge. Just another revenue generator for the state.
    Whatever justification floats your boat.
    I know for a fact though that ignorance isn't bliss when it comes to this topic though; if you treat a police officer like a bad person, he's going to reciprocate those actions, thus perpetuating your false belief. 
  20. catch a opp 30 pop they cant stop them, only words of advice i have

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