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My mother's card

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Hot Rod, Dec 26, 2012.

  1. WTF happened to it?!?

    Christmas morning I mixed 4 grams of vaped bud into my yogurt at about 6-7am, so by 9am I'm high shit and that's my mom woke up and told my siblings merry Christmas.... is was about 11 I clock.

    I got a yo-yo because for some reason my mom thought of me when she saw it lol but anyway I got a card from her too and in that card was a giftcard type ting to subway cause she knows that's me and my brothers Munchie spot. After I thanked her for my gifts i went to my room and set it down somewhere.

    And now it's December 26th and I'm starving and searching for my damn card, where do you blades think a stoned man could have put it, I need some help!
  2. I'm high as shit*

    And Then*

    This was at about 11 o clock*

    Damn I need to proof read
  3. Have you tried pressing the power button?
  4. On top of the fridge?
  5. Did you use it as roach? Easily mistake to make...

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