My monthly harvest grow(s) Clone, Seed, and plantporn inside. :)

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    Hey Guys!

    I wanted to share with you my first HYDRO grow. It went underway 4/28/2010 and went through a few phases during then and now.

    Original setup consisted of:
    - (1) 8x5x7 HTG tent
    - (1) Waterfarm 8 kit altered w/ a pump to make up for poor circulation "out of box"
    - (8) bubble buckets made using a slightly altered version of Rumpleforeskin's DIY
    - (2) High Yield Lighting Airo Flow 1000w lights (HPS/MH Switchable)
    - (1) GrowBright 6" inline high velocity fan **might add one more 6" inline
    - (1) DIY Carbon scrubber


    - Seaweed Bloom
    - Sensi 2-part



    - PINEAPPLE / Clones
    - SHIVA SHANTI / Clones
    - BLUEBERRY / Clones


    We then decided to ditch the tent and the waterfarm and plumb all of the bubble buckets together:


    Over top of the ladies:

    At this point we decided to go all out, build seperate veg and flowering rooms, and also seal the entire room and use c02. The plants vegged for 30 days and are now on a 12/12 flowering cycle. We also ditched the original nutrient plan and have started to use the Advanced Nutrients line including:

    - voodoo juice
    - carboload
    - b52
    - superthrive for good measue

    We will be buying more nutes for flowering sometime this week. Most likely:
    - Big Bud
    - Bud Candy
    - Overdrive

    Overview of the crew:

    The big dog of the crew, a female Shiva:



    New clone veg area

    Overview of the flowering room:

    New Sealed entry way and sealed flower room for c02:

    Northern Lights...:

    Once these have flowered for one month, the clones in the veg room will be have been vegged for one month and they can then move into the other buckets in the flowering room once they have new clones taken from them.

    Then, when the original plants have finished flowering, we'll harvest them and move more clones into place. Hopefully everything goes smoothly, month-to-month!

    We will be adding another 1000w HPS and a light mover for good measure, and we are also thinking changing the whole style hydroponic system that we are using in general.
  2. Hey really nice grow. I have a question regarding your fans, I see the one attached to the scrubber pushing air through the fixtures. Do you have another one further down helping pull the air and exhaust it out?
  3. No I do not. The 6" inline is good for 340cfm I think... It has NO PROBLEM at all keeping the glass light cover cool to the touch!
  4. Sweet, I only asked because I need to add a scrubber to my setup and the guy at a local shop where I bought most of my setup keeps telling me I will need to put another fan inline when I add the scrubber. I only have one 600w HPS and a much shorter ducting run on my 6'' fan which is kicking ass at the moment. Thanks for showing your setup and getting back so quickly, happy growing.
  5. From my experiences with the guys at the hydroponics stores, they really like to try and get you to buy as much shit as possible, even if you dont need it. You should be fine with your inline setup and scrubber. I got the tallboy for $100 from HTG.

    Good luck on your grow(s) as well. Happy token. :)
  6. Yeah no doubt on that, when I was getting most of my setup he would say "oh and you'll want one of these" and I would be like and I guess you can knock 30% off then. lol!!! Then when it was all said and done I told him I was gonna go home and order some good nutes off the net cause they were so cheap and I could avoid taxes. He asked me which ones I was gonna go order so I told him the AN Connoisseur and he said hold on, and walked over to the shelf and brought back both parts AND a bottle of Bud Candy and said it's one the house!! He did make some bank off me even though I was working him pretty hard on the prices.
  7. Ya I'm pretty sure all those hydro guys make commission, not like theyre not all growing bud neways :p
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    PH was extremely high last night, so this morning I drained the majority of the water in the bubble buckets, adjusted the PH levels and refilled. Pics tonight of the progress...

  9. I went to HTGS i wanted a gavita and they didnt have it in the shop .they where lik he'll be here half hour.well it was more like 90min but every half hour he was throwin me free shit.The cranberry store is the shit
  10. Hell yah, I get all my stuff from the cranberry location! I think the dude that helped me was TJ? He said he got promoted to the Colorado location and is being put in charge there!!!! Colorado is a growers dream :)

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