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My moms weed...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by phonix, Jun 3, 2006.

  1. well, the other day i was goin thru my moms room because i was tryin to find a bottle of smirnoff that she had taken from me after she found it in my room. As i was goin through her room i found 1/8 of purple in one of her droors. I dont really think my mom cares that i smoke weed and im pretty sure that she knows but what do you guys think would be the best way just to tell her that i found her weed and that i think me and her should smoke it together:smoking: thanks for the suggestions
  2. man if my mom blazed id love to with her go for it mang
  3. Pruple? I'd take some then ask her. And if she denies it I'd pull it out and ask to smoke a bowl.. lmao, but thats not the best way cause everyones mom is different if shes strict about it then just ask her about it.
  4. i wouldnt steal anything from my parents...idk about yall but most parents give their kids anything they can why would u steal from them
  5. haha, i love blayzin with my dad, my mom never did tho..
  6. i know where my dads stash is and when ever im dry i take just enough so that he wont notice ha ha and i smoke with him on occassion but i dont think he would be gool with the fact that im a stoner and not just an occassional smoker... idk though i havent talked to him about it. But the only thing is that my dad buys shit weed and its always really dry and stuff
  7. i would just confront her about it and get to talkin.
  8. sit in her room, pack a bowl, and light it just as shes walkin in... then ask if she wants to hit.

    haha, i guess i would ask her if she does it, since you said she probably wont care, if she admits it, ask if she wants to smoke, if she denys, take the bag and see if she says anything.
  9. Nobody's mentioned it but she might be pissed at you for going through her room.
  10. Hell yeah, aren't you pissed when your parents go through your room? How do you think they would feel?

    Not to mention stealing of any kind from a family member is simply fucked up, nothing more than that. Hell stealing is fucked up in itself.
  11. just bust out a big ol' bong and take the first rip and show her how to get things done, then hand it to her... no1 who smokes weed is gunna pass down that. well not me at least haha

  12. Agreed.

    Personally, I would just go up to her and be like "uhh hey mom I smelled a pleasent odor coming from your room the other day when I was walking by.... what you packin :D??"

    I have offered my mom to smoke a few times tryed to get her to eat a brownie once she wont go for it but she dont care that I smoke.
  13. When I first started smoking with my parents, it was really just an accident. My brother mentioned smoking with them one day when we were getting stoned together, so the next day I just casually brought it up to my mom, and we've been smoking together almost every day ever since. :D
  14. :smoking: I wish i could smoke with my mom..but she denies everything about pot and says she has only smoked it once, even tho i know she use to be a huge pothead.
  15. don`t tell her you find her stash!

    Just make sure you "accidently" get caught smoking by your mom...see how she reacts.
  16. Well she did take your bottle so I'd be fair game to take her weed. Watch her get weirded out because she'll think she misplaced it.
  17. Naw, treat your parents with some measure of respect, especially if they aren't that bad (abusive, etc.) Just be subtle about it, or try to find out when she gets high to catch her in the act (unless she locks the door!) Or have her catch you. Best way I think is to bring up the topic of weed casually and be like 'did you ever try it? I really want to try it...' ;)
  18. ID take some from her, she took ur smirnoff, its only fair. Dont confront her. U cant be like, i was searching ur room and found ur weed.
  19. I wouldn't let her know that you searched her room. I get extremely angry each time I find out that my mom has searched my room (some things "mysteriously" change place when I'm gone :mad: )
    I can't believe she always goes like "don't go looking in my things cause that's disrespectful. Remember that I never search your room" :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: so angry
  20. Fuckin' smoke all of it.

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