My moms insight.

Discussion in 'General' started by nushaganazad, May 24, 2006.

  1. Well today, im home all day alone smoking from sun up till about 5 pm :bongin: . She comes home im stoned, she doenst notice. well were talking and stuff. and she is an EXCELLENT gardner, and she was like, what are you growing on your window sill? im like OH SHIT:hide: !, lol i start racing my mind and cant think of anything to say, so my stoned mind blurts out, :rolleyes: , just a little bit of weed. lol


    well she goes, O really, well maybe you should go put them in the ground somewhere outside, there lookin weak and those pots arent big enough.

    wow. :yay:
  2. :hello: i LOVE your mom haha

    be great if she helps you grow some BEASTS :D

    she probably thinks it is good that you are growing so you wont have to go through buying illegally and therefore its good :smoke:
  3. lol, at least it went well?
  4. Dude I think ur Mom smoked the bud at sometime in her life. Let her grow it.
  5. yea she "used" to smoke.

    althought she claims she doenst now, these are my discoveries

    A red bag, with pipes, roaches, and a half ounce. She claimed they werent hers, and it was the stuff she had confiscated from me. So i claimed it as mine, smoked the half ounce, and the roaches(one with red fresh lipstick on it. soooo....idk about that. And kept the pipe(later getting busted with it). and i know none it was mine. Come on we all know what we have had before.

    Ive been told by aunts and uncles and family friends, my mom was a HELL of a j roller, and the best in the area at the time lol.

    She has told me many a story, and i have caught her with red eyes, never confronted her about it though. lol
  6. Sounds like your mom might know what she is doing, she must've grown her fair share of ganj back in her day i bet. Maybe you found yourself a grow partner. Who better to help ya grow than family, right. good luck man that's cool that your mom is cool with it though. my friend's parents grow some massive plants in their backyard.
  7. lucky, my mom doesn't even know what cannabis is a reference to. I told her flatout i'm growin cannabis, hence the reason i need soil, and she told me i'm avoiding the question :p
  8. You best be sharing your crop with your mom!
  9. and MMEEEEEE :D:D
  10. Will your mom help me grow mine as well?

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