my moms cool with weed

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by LCrazy, Aug 10, 2008.

  1. I had a talk with her she was askin me if i drank or smoked and i said ya but i only smoke stuff thats good for you haha lol. she was like so you smoke weed and i was like yep..
    but then she started tellin me stories about when she lived in california and her friends made some pot brownies and walked to the movies but i guess she got to lazy and sat on a bench until her friends got back from the theatre lol.. i found it funny
    But she said she could deal with me smokin as long as i dont get caught:hello::D:smoking:
  2. That's pretty tight. My mom uses marijuana for medical purposes or so she says. Anyway, she doesn't know I smoke weed. I want to tell her and spark up a bowl with her. She smokes regs. I want to smoke a dank bowl of kush with her. Maybe one day I'll tell her and see how she reacts..
  3. My dad was the same way, he used to toke up all the time. It's cool when you can relate to your parents in another way. :)
  4. Your Mom's a winner! Do something nice for her- she deserves it! - Granny :wave:

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