My mom makes some shitty pasta :(

Discussion in 'General' started by Saca La, Jan 3, 2013.

  1. Thats sucks man.

    My moms cavetelli is the motherfucking shit.

  2. You bet.
    My mom isn't a great cook either, usually she is too busy to cook much so that's how I learned to cook really well.
  3. At the very least, a dash of olive oil and salt. But yeah you're never going to enjoy plain pasta.

    Garlic, cheese, basil and tomato. Get them involved.

    Or you could take the pesto route.

  4. & probably also very beautiful!!

    but while you can't choose either of your parents, this is the only advice I can think of to pass along.
    [ame=]Jimmy Soul Lyrics - YouTube[/ame]
    My eye's (& other parts:D)are much bigger than my stomach so I'm starving for some good food too.
    But it's chow time now & I better like it....if I know whats good for me:p!

    I think I've also bitten off way more than I can chew so just remember....................Things could be much worse!:(
  5. See white lies add up.
    Forrests mom was dumb as shit
  6. One day you need to cook a whole fuckload of pasta and say to your mum "If you think it's so good, eat (however much you cooked, preferably 100 dollars worth of pasta) this!"

    She will never cook you pasta again.

    In fact, she may even be scared of pasta for the rest of her life.

  7. what the fuck?
  8. If you don't have tomato sauce or... anything that normally tastes good on pasta... just mix it with olive oil, garlic powder, and dried basil or practically any kind of dried herb/spice. It doesn't measure up to pasta sauce but it's good enough.
  9. yuh should see the nachos she makes for game day...

  10. I wish i could neg rep this....
  11. Fk you and your pics.... now I'm hungry! !! Grrrr
  12. Im assuming you were force feed pasta as a child.
  13. I know why did I enter a pasta thread :cry:
  14. Quick, easy, and a good pictorial. +1:hello:

    DO that shit, try and add your own spice variations. It's the best if you aren't trying to be spending the whole evening makin sauce:smoking:
  15. yea thanks everyone for the replies. Ima try the sauce tommorow for lunch. She told me she added sauce but i guess she didnt put enough :confused: its all good though everything tastes good when your high lol :smoke::smoke:
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    Why so much hate on my brilliant idea?

    You're just scared, that's right, scared, of its brilliance. It shines too bright, so you must cut it down.

    This saddens me, guys.
  17. lol how can you possibly fuck up pasta? ok ok i agree but she sure knows how to toss the salad!
    anyone ever have ground beef in their pasta sauce. nom nom nom!
  18. One of my favourite additions to pasta is some garlic-butter sauteed portobello.
  19. Fuck yeah for ground beef
  20. Ground turkey>Ground beef any day in things like spaghetti. I honestly can't tell the difference at all and it's much healthier.

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