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My mom makes some shitty pasta :(

Discussion in 'General' started by Saca La, Jan 3, 2013.

  1. So my mom thinks she makes good pasta when really she doesnt. She thinks this cause all our lives we (my brothers) have been telling her it tastes delicious when really we only said it outta love.

    So here i am today. She cooked pasta. A big pot of it. And i really dont wanna eat it. Its really dry. I know if i put some sauce of some sort on top it would taste better. But i dont know much about sauces. Or what kind.

    Anyone give me some advice. Which kind of pasta sauce tastes good? And only reason i just dont pass on it is cause i dont like to waste food and its gonna make her feel really bad if no one touches it. I will sacrifice my body :smoking:

    also parmasan cheese doesnt make it taste any better lol
  2. Your eating plain pasta? Sounds like your first mistake
  3. then help me bro. U gonna make me eat it like that?
  4. You need some of my sicillian mothers sauce.
  5. Alfredo cheese sauce, regular tomato sauce, you could probably get any kind of tomato paste, add some herbs and spices, maybe a pinch of sugar and some salt. Put that parmesan cheese all in the mix and sprinkle a little salt.

    You're fucked if the sauce doesn't stick cuz then its still shitty pasta, that's what I was expecting this thread to be about. Pasta that the sauce doesn't stick to.
  6. garlic bread included. I need some fucken sauce its so dry. Someone throw me some sauce here
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    I couldn't eat any pasta with out any sauce.

    How does your mom cook it?

    She has to put some kind of sauce or butter at least??
  8. How the hell do you mess up pasta? Put some butter on it if you dont want it dry.

    How does your mom think its delicious when its just plain pasta lmao.. the sauce is what sets one pasta from the other. My gf makes a great sauce that her mom passed down.

    Yes pasta with absolutely no sauce or butter is dry....... herp
  9. Yo don't be insulting the man's mother, I'm sure she's a busy woman and does the best she can.

    OP, I recommend you start with garlic,

    Add onion and saute

    Add your crushed tomatoes

    Season with salt and pepper and reduce

    Add fresh herbs if available

    Eat that shit
  10. Pour a jar of fucking Ragu on that bitch
  11. Who the fuck even tries pasta without some sort of sauce? What the fuck.

  12. ^^^ MY MAN OVER HERE.. thanks bro. I just learned with pictures.
  13. just imagining a family sitting around with plates full of plain pasta commenting on how good it is..
  14. ^like a bo$$ qwerty man.
  15. I'm so confused haha. I never thought people eat pasta with nothing on it. That's like just eating a block of tofu, or a boiled chicken breast.

  16. Dude wears make up I heard
  17. Here is what you do.
    Buy a jar of tomato sauce, ragu or hunts or anything, doesn't matter.
    Buy some bacon.
    Cook bacon. Crumble bacon. Add bacon to sauce. Consume.
    Bacon+Tomato Sauce+Spaghetti=win
  18. How can u ruin pasta?? Boil that shit for 11 minutes like it says... Add salt to the boiling water to give some better taste.

    When the pasta is done boiling or cooking just strain the water from the noodles. DO NOT rinse the pasta afterwards or the sauce won't stick. Can't stress thAt enough.

    Next go out and buy yourself some canned tomato sauce as a start. Whatever appeals to you.
  19. Newman's Own pasta sauce is good and not full of corn syrup and stabilizers and whatnot

  20. ^^^ This actually sounds really good.

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