my mom is sueing

Discussion in 'General' started by kbubb91, Nov 19, 2011.

  1. a car company cause they failed to inform us that our personal information would be disclosed. the information they disclose could easily be set up as fraud.
  2. this threads pretty chill. ill pop a squat right here.
  3. How did they fail to inform you? Was it not in the fine print?
  4. Check that fine print. I'm pretty sure insurance companies can't do that, though. Pretty positive actually.
  5. Your mom clearly has to much time on her hands, make sure she knows she will be losing more money than gaining. Suing is a long and expensive process.
  6. it doesnt matter fine print or not, they have no right doing that to every single customer. buy a new car, get your social security number, credit score and number stolen and disclosed.
  7. correction not sueing, turning them in to the better business bureau
  8. Wrong. In legal shit.. it does matter.
  9. and no i dont think shes over reacting, if someone has your social your royally fucked if they use it for evil intentions

  10. Oh fair enough, good on her then. :) it's probably what i would do to.
  11. If you sign a contract then they have every right lol

  12. Are you really a cop, man!?
  13. Yea thats a big ass difference.
  14. were not sueing, were turning them into the BBB so this isnt going to court, this is going to be checked by an ethics committee

  15. Nah, CIA i guess you could call me a cop though..
  16. in their contract, they are supposed to virbually inform you that this action is going to happen, they failed to do so.
  17. Skip the middle man and walk in there with a gun and a paper shredder. Start making demands, first and foremost shredding all customer info. Should work out.

  18. :laughing:
  19. Agreed.

  20. However, it is up to you to read the small print, they do not have to inform you about every detail, it's your responsibility to read the small print. But you probably still have a case.

    A good lawyer, a gun and your sorted, make sure the lawyers not a bird or a fox, that shit always go bad on TV so don't risk it.

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