my mom is giving me $10.00

Discussion in 'General' started by dose_me, Feb 13, 2009.

  1. to get my haircut and paying for the haircut and im 20
  2. Okay. Why?
  3. Fuck a haircut go buy drugs!
  4. i remember when my mom used to do that
  5. because I dont want to get one and she is bribing me with $10.00 to get one
  6. are you asking us what to do with that 10....let your hair grow out long like mine, and go buy drugs...
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    Im pretty sure you meant, you were gonna give them to your friends, not sell them....and im pretty sure you are gonna give those shrooms away too not sell them huh?
  8. you sure are gangsta!:p
  9. :wave:
  10. I had to cut my own hair when I was younger.
  11. Do all gangsters get money from their mommies for haircuts?
  12. Cut it yourself and use the $10 getting her a 'thank you' for Valentines day!
  13. lawl im to greedy to give away anything but I will probibly eat some of the k-pens and forget the whole plan
  14. yep tony montana in scarface took money from his mom at first then when he became a big time baller he tried to give her alot of money and she wpouldnt take it from him hs sister did to that was a good movie huh
  15. Benzos are my favorite way to experience memory loss.
  16. WTF are k-'pen's?

  17. colozepam
  18. That's a movie.


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