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My Mom is Crazy

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by stay baked, Aug 30, 2010.

  1. She caught me smoking red handed like 3 months ago, but apparently shes known for months and never said anything because she went threw my phone one night when i was sleeping. She also somehow found my password to my facebook and read all my messages. wtf? The other day i caught her spying on me while i was in my room playing ps3. her excuse was that she was cleaning the outside of my window lmao. shes really making me mad and ive tried telling her that weed isnt bad but all she sais is "ya you say that know but wait a few years and youll be stupid and brain dead".. So what should i do to get her to mind her own business and start trusting me again?
  2. if you want her to trust you, and she's against pot, then stop smoking.

    your other option is to try and enlighten her.
  3. lol i love smoking tho haha. Im just wondering what i should do to get her to stop spying on me so much. Also if i say im going somewhere she will drive up to wherever i said to see if im actually there lol.
  4. Learn proper grammar and spelling. That'll learn her!
  5. Act like you are stupid and brain dead.

  6. Thatll learn her?
  7. Not go on grasscity.

    Seriously if she's going to extreme lengths to find out things like your FB password you have a snooping mother.
  8. Since obviously you're underage, you need to get good grades in school to show mommy that you're able to smoke and be not brain dead.

  9. Yea i learnt my lesson with that, i clear history now.
  10. Make her some "special brownies" lol

  11. I make good grades. B's A's mabey a c.

  12. chances are his password is saved within his browsers cookies.

    But anyways OP, all you can do is tell your mom the truth. Get some facts together, sit her down, and tell her.

    If she still denies your claims, then tell her to back up her evidence with scientific proof......if she cant, then you win.

    Perhaps go through the details about smoking with your mom.

    Tell your mom, "okay, I smoke weed and I wont be stopping any time soon. But I want to check with you to make sure that I am still respecting your house."

    Offer to smoke outside or something.

    Then have her watch the union.
  13. Just don't have anything at your house weed-related. Smoke elsewhere like your car. OR have her watch The Union.

  14. Yea thats sounds good. Ill probably do that. thanks for being the only helpful post haha.
  15. I agree with beach. Make good grades, job, basically live a productive life.
  16. Move out.

    And dont make her watch The Union
  17. my mom did the same fuckin shit pretty much except spy on me, thats kinda creepy lol, but ya she found out my facebook password, went threw my phone, said she knew i smoked weed before she found my bongs n pipes n shit. u could show her the union, i did that with my grandma, and all she dosnt want is for me to drive high.

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