My Mom Has Cancer..

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  1. As the title suggests, I think my Mom has cancer now, cancer of the esophagus to be more precise. She's still unsure, but they did a biopsy and the doctors are somewhat positive, from what I've been told. She's going back soon for more tests and such, but I don't know enough about cancer and all that shit to know how to feel.

    It's called Barrett's cancer or something like that. Does anyone know the survival rate for this? She used to smoke but has recently quit before she found out. They said it was a combination of her coughing from acid reflux, to the acid reflux and the smoking.

  2. Sorry to hear that, hopefully it's not very advanced cancer. My dad had the same problem with the acid reflux and eventually esophageal cancer. The doctors were able to remove that part of his esophagus after awhile of chemo and radiation. Having part of it removed caused him problems with getting food caught in his esophagus and not being able to eat as much. He was almost back to normal with his eating, but the cancer spread to his liver, and he passed away last August (a little over three years after his diagnosis). Hopefully your mother gets some good luck with her diagnosis. Cancer sucks, man. And I know it's not what you want to hear, but I recall that the survival rate for that type of cancer isn't very good, but it all depends on plenty of variables.

    I wish the best for her and the rest of your family
  3. Wait wait, you can get cancer from acid reflux? i have insanely bad GERD i don't want that to lead to internal bleeding or cancer.
    I'm really sorry to hear this but luckily they got it early and can stop it. I wish the best of luck to your mother man i really do. Noone should have to deal with cancer but there's a decent chance she'll be ok.
  4. damn man your mom is in my prayers. thats sad. ive heard of this cancer though but didnt look into reding it. wish i could give you more info
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    She was going for another surgery and during the pre-op, they found what they believe to be cancer. They did a biopsy and confirmed it's cancer, but I don't know how "early" it is for her.
  6. Man that scares the fuck out of me honestly. I have so many digestive system problems i always fear that i'll let it go to long and they'll discover it too late. I'ma put out alot of good vibes for your mother.
  7. I appreciate that man. Go get yourself checked out.
  8. I'm sorry about your mom, I hope that they caught it early enough to treat her.

    Another note, I'm going to the doctor about this just for more information. I had no idea AR can cause cancer. I have the worst AR and CVS along with a million other stomach problems, ahhhhhh!!!
  9. Well with the medication and science we have these days there's a damn good chance she will recover though I'm not completely familiar with that type of cancer.  My dad had Lukemia and after multiple attempts at different medicines they finally found the right one and now he's completely fine as long as he takes his pill every day, Cancer is a horrible thing to have and I'd never wish it on anyone but the medical community has come a long way and still advancing so I'm sure your mum will make it through ok.
  10. god bless her, good luck - jacob
  11. just found this .....The oesophagus (gullet) is the muscular tube that carries food from the mouth to the stomach (see diagram below). Barrett's oesophagus is a condition where abnormal cells develop on the inner lining of the lower part of the oesophagus.
    Barrett's oesophagus is not in itself a cancerous condition, but over a period of time it can occasionally lead to cancer developing in the lower part of the oesophagus. A cancer develops when cells in the affected area continue to grow and reproduce, and become increasingly abnormal. Approximately 1-2 out of every 200 people in the UK have Barrett's oesophagus. However, very few people with this condition (about 1 in 100 each year) go on to develop cancer.
    \nthis was from the macmillan uk site..there is more info on there.   the main thing is it has been discovered  and hopefully they will be able to treat her.
    best to you and your mum
  12. Hon, you need to become an expert on this! You will need some index cards to write down unfamiliar terms, but you CAN do this! Go to   That's where you find the studies that can make you the expert! They are in "Sci-Speak", so keep a second window open to find definitions, and write them down on your cards. Quite often the last 2 or 3 sentences of an abstract will have the info you want to know.
    Another thing you can do for Mom is to get her on Omega 3! She should take a long hard look at her diet!
    Effects of dietary fiber, fats, and meat intakes on the risk of Barrett's esophagus.
    "Higher intakes of omega-3-fatty-acids, polyunsaturated fat, total fiber, and fiber from fruits and vegetables were associated with a lower risk of Barrett's esophagus"  (I removed the statistic numbers)
    Now the reason Omega 3 is so important is that it is necessary to make working CB1 receptors that your body uses to fight cancers! what happens in the brain cells also is happening in the body's cells.
    [SIZE=12pt]Omega-3 deficiency disrupts cannibinoid receptor function in brain        (news – 2011)[/SIZE]
    I don't have anything on Omega 3 and esophogeal cancer, but this one on colorectal cancer shows you what I mean-
    [SIZE=12pt]Turned-Off Cannabinoid Receptor Turns On Colorectal Tumor Growth      (news - 2008)[/SIZE]
    Cannabis and Omega 3 work together to slow or stop many kinds of cancer!
    [SIZE=12pt]Cannabinoids and omega-3/6 endocannabinoids as cell death and anticancer modulators.  (abst – 2012)            [/SIZE]
    You should look into RSO, (Rick Simpson Oil, Phoenix Oil, Hemp Oil). Shona Banda has a youtube, "Live Free or Die" that shows how to make tiny amounts of the oil- she used it for her severe bowel disorders.  And read this!
    Hope that helps!
    Granny   :wave:
  13. I have Barrett's Esophagus and fear esophagus is what triggered my health craze.  It is my understanding that the survival rate is pretty bad compared to other types of cancer.  Stay positive and best of luck to your mom.
  14. As always, Granny comes through when you aren't expecting it. When I have more time, I'll go through those links and dissect them. Thank you.

    I should add, my Mom has no problem with weed and even smokes here and there. If we find out more information with all of this and we have to go down this road, I'm going to talk to my parents about growing again. I don't live in a MMJ state, but the law is irrelevant at this point.
  15. sending those good vibes to ya bra
  16. Hope your mom recovers, stay strong bud for your mom's sake.

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  17. Goodluck to your Mom,  stay strong shes in my prayers.
  18. There is no right or wrong way to handle this situation. My mom died 2 years ago from lung cancer. My mom didn't want to try any kimo so she basicly gave up. She fought all the way though trying to extend what little time she had. During that time, I was dieing inside. But not 1 time did I cry. I didn't want my mom seeing what it did to me. So I stayed rock hard strong until the day after she passed. I am the only one in my family that can make decisions on behafe of my mom after she died. So I had that stuff to do and figure out the day that she passed. But after, i couldnt stop crying. I knew it was comming I was expecting it. But it still hit me like a rock. It's been getting a little easer to deal with lately after I started smoking weed everyday. But its still always there. And I miss her.
    I'm sorry you have to go though this. I wouldn't even wish it for my worst enemy. But I think I'm gonna go now cause this talk and stuff is really starting to kill  my high... Good luck and I'll be preying.
  19. Unfortunately Esophageal cancer only has a 15% survival rate if its advanced, which sucks. You and your mother both have my best wishes and all my luck.
  20. Sorry man, my gramps survived lung cancer, so I think your mom has a chance.

    How old is she?

    Because I'm only 20 but I have poorly treated acid reflux and the nasty habit of smoking cigs which I'm in process of quitting. I cough a lot and usually from throat not lungs.
    Did she smoke for a long time?


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