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  1. With so many ppl asking, I threw together a mix, it wasnt really planned out at all, I just chose tracks as I went along. This is a house set, if you're not into electronic music then you might find it repetitive, if you do dont bash that, this music isnt about immediate change, its about progressive evolution.

    1. Chris Micali - Kinshasa [+daft punk - Technologic]
    2. Skylark pres. The buick project - Drop Beat
    3. Nikola Gala - Nomad Soul
    4. Electric Tease - Your Lovin (16B Remix)
    5. Jason Sparks - Gangstas (Si Begg remix)

    I hope you guys enjoy it. Best conditions are to play it loud, and be stoned

    LINK -

    During the last song i accidentaly turned up the pitch knob and it goes all screwy.
  2. I couldnt find it :(

  3. Megaupload can be confusing...

    Go to the link, and to the right of the megaupload logo, it asks you to enter 3 letters from a picture, enter that, then it has you wait 45 seconds for the DL to start, an adbar my popup in front of the loading bar, just click the X to close it.

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