My Miserable Drunk Dad And My Misery

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  1. So tonight was a miserable fucking night, i come home from my cousins graduation party and my dads drunk on the couch reaking of cheap booze. Hes very annoying while drunk and will shout at the top of his lungs. A few minutes go by and me and my mom are walking to,my room and he says too my mom "suck my fucking cock bitch" in a real loud evil voice. i have been putting up with this skumfuck for my whole life. When he says degrading shit to my mom i always scream at him and tell him i want to slice his throat, usually he laughs and says go ahead bitchboy. I went in my room and broke down crying. I have no friends to talk to and i cant move out because im to depressed to leave and my mom wants me at home. At the family graduation party my family was laughing and smiling and i think why is my life so fucked and every one elses is peachy.
  2. "If you don't like what you got, why don't you change it? If your world is all screwed up, rearrange it." -Trooper, "Raise a Little Hell"
    But in all seriousness.. only YOU can prevent forest fires. :smoke:
  3. Poison his beer! just kidding?? D: I'm really sorry to hear about that though.. My friends dad was a crazy drunk and she also had a really messed up brother with issues. I remember once when I was only like 10 her brother had ran me over on his bike, I went to tell her dad what happened and he was drunk. He laughed at me, insulted me and kicked me to the ground. It's amazing how shameless they are :/. Also, not everyone's lives are perfect, although you may think yours sucks and your dads a drunk fuck, it's not as bad as most people's lives. Remember too, what goes on behind closed doors is a different story, most people pretend to be happy and have a "perfect" life. Shit, I have people convinced I have a pretty awesome life, not even the people I tell everything to know some of my daily struggles.
  4. Dude, don't hesitate to send me a PM. I know how you feel. You get feelings like you're isolated from the world because of your parent... but don't. Do what you want, and do whatever you can within your power to do. Don't let them hold you back.
    My mom is exactly the way your dad is. Drunks are self pity, hate, and ego driven beings. Best thing to do is to 100% ignore them. Act as if they aren't there.  The more you pay attention to them and give in to their bullshit, the more they do it. They do it for attention because no one else will pay attention to them. Trust me on this. The best thing you can do when your dad is drunk is to grab your mom, and siblings, pull em aside, and tell them the advice I gave you. Or simply leave your house, find a better place to stay. Find a relative nearby and take your family there.
    Don't let him get to you OP. Just know that when he's drunk, he's not the same Dad you know. 
  5. I know what it is like to have an alcoholic father. My father ended up drinking himself to death by the time I turned 12. Alcohol is literally one of the worst things on this planet. That whole thing about alcohol reveals the true you is total bullshit too. Alcohol turns loving, caring people into absolute train wrecks and then it kills them. And alcohol just doesn't affect the alcoholic it affects the whole family. My family was fucking torn apart by a fucking poison man. Fuck alcohol. 
  6. Let the heat off. Just relax. and think about your future.
  7. My dad was a pissed off alcoholic fueled by his own ego until shit hit the fan when he got a DWI and totaled his car  :bongin:
  8. my dad's an alcoholic but he doesn't get angry or anything, he'll play some Maiden, Ozzy, Motley Crue, Judas priest, etc. sing along with and plays video games, hes probably the happiest drunk ever xp
    mostly why I don't care if he drinks
  9. Work your ass off and become the most successful person in your family. Everyone will talk about you and be all goody goody to you.
    Send a ben frank with a really hateful letter to your dad and never talk to him again.
    Buy your mom a nice studio apartment or whatever you can afford and live your life like a boss.
    Trust me its a hard and perilous journey and sometimes you will which you had a gun to end your misery, but once you get there.
    Man, words dont describe the feeling of success and power that you will have.
    Do this and you will feel like a god.
  10. It really bothers me when i read stories like this. Drunks are very sick people and probably have issues as to why they drink. Once you're addicted it seems like your whole personality changes. I'll admit i've done some crazy shit drunk but if i knew my drinking effected someone like that i'd give it up forever. I wish you the best of luck man and hopefully you can get out of there soon.
    If it comes down to it beat his ass for talking to your mom like that. My gf's dad did the same thing to her and her mom and i told him to stfu, he swung on me and i dropped him almost detaching his retina. I don't stand for violence against women.
  11.  wait til hes really really drunk, throw his ass to the ground and give him an ass whuppin. then tie his hands togther til he sobers up.
    make him cry.
  12. Fuck alcohol man. Alcohol has turned my once care-free loving dad into a bitter, angry arrogant fuck.
  13. Get out of there with your mom. He will realize what he has done.
  14. My mom is just like your dad. And it gets really out of control I can't stand even being around her anymore. And she abuses pills and shit of the sort.

  15. my dad was the same way, probably still is. unlike your situation though i could just drop him right out of my life because i didn't live with him. honestly, i gave him way too many opportunities to get himself right, but in the end he fucked everyone over and i have no trust in him at all.

    unfortunately your mom is still with him so you gotta deal with it. idk if you're in college or working or w/e, but definitely stick with whatever it is you're doing, and use your dad as motivation to get your own place/life without his drinking affecting you.

    drunk assholes are one thing i can't stand, if you need to talk PM me anytime.
  16. I feel you man, my dad don't drink no more, but he's still a piece of shit. Sounds fucked up, but when I was like 11 years old I promised myself I'd fuckin kill him one day.
  17. Very tough situation.  I have a friend who shot his dad to death because his father was an out of control drunk.  Violence is not the solution,  my friend did time for that and it fucked him up even worse. in addition, it created an even more dysfunctional family with a painful legacy. 
    I'm not an advocate for snitching but if you are a minor (under 18) living with parents, you need to take action before things get way out of control. 
    I would recommend you buy a GoPhone or any cheap ($10.00 or so) disposable phone and call CPS (child protective services) or the police department.  You don't have to give your name, in fact, I recommend you remain anonymous.  If you buy the phone and toss it when you're done with the calls and remain anonymous NOBODY will know it's you.  If they push to get your name, tell them I wish to remain anonymous with no exceptions.
    CPS gets anonymous calls all the time, they will investigate. They talk to neighbors, they will talk to your dad,  take a look around and interview the minors in the house. CPS will not just yank you from your home if conditions are not absolutely horrible, they will tell your parents an improvement must be made and will make a followup visit within a week or two.
    If you call the cops when your dad is drunk and being an ass, just say "There is a drunk man and I can hear major domestic issues, can you get someone over to this address, I'm worried." Again, when they ask your name, just say "I'm going to remain anonymous". If you're over 18 this is a great option.
    The reason for calling the authorities is that it will keep your dad thinking. You can't get thrown in jail for very long, or at all for what he is doing but it will keep him thinking about the repercussions and what he might loose.  Perhaps even straighten him out for good.
    Bullies need someone that can keep them in check and your dad is a bully. He needs to know his bad actions can have bad consequences.  
    If you don't have a family member that can keep him in check you need to do something; if not for yourself, for your mother. Think about her, no woman should have to live with a drunken asshole and it's part of your responsibility as a son to help her.
    Violence and fighting only brings more problems, this is a very rare case where I would recommend involving law enforcement. Domestic abuse hurts everyone for life, you can bring an immediate intervention into the equation with a single phone call. (make sure you get all of your illegal shit out of the house before call)
    Good luck and remember everyone in your household is being just as affected as you. 
  18. Hit a nigga with the one two
  19. Thanks man and yeah i dont know if calling the law in would do anything, infact when i was a teen a few years ago he was fucking wasted and the.cops came and they were more concerned with finding my weed then controlling him, fuckin pigs. And its pretty sad he already has a dui, has to do community service for a battery and alot.for his dui. Plus when my parents split up he was living in the fucking ghetto slums filled with tweekers and hookers knockin on his door for a cig, a hooker actually threw a bottle at his eye and he almost lost his eye. Well my mom thought after all that he would be done with drinking and now he just drinks any oppertunity he can, its like he forgot about all the bullshit he put us through he got us kicked out of our own apartment last year and he might do it again.

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