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  1. Just throwin this out there. I play minecraft as much as I can, usually 2-6 hours a day. I work a mon-fri job and don't get out till 6, but am on shortly after I get home. Just seein if anyone wants to check out my livestream. I've only been playing about a year, but I'm not terrible at it! Might be entertaining! I play on a private server and Minecrack.. PvP, Golden Monacle ect. Most time it will be just me, but occasionally will be a group of us.

    Anyway I usually smoke down and play, and will sometimes just be music playing too. Heavy Metal (LOG, Parkway Drive, As I Lay Dying ect) or Rap (Tech N9ne, Eminem, ect) depends on my mood haha. Check it out. Free to watch! Subscribe if you like!

  2. No offense. But wtf. 6hours a day? I remember those days. Your gonna fuck your back and neck up.

    Also i never understood why people watch people play minecraft. Why not just play minecraft? Lol

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  3. I can't believe you smoke and play on twitch, I know they have strict rules about itBasedgodDank
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    Well, that can be said for almost any game, yet gaming channels are by far the most popular genre on YouTube, with the most subscribed channel on YouTube being a gaming channel. It's very popular!
    To answer your question, people watching others play games are rarely doing it solely for the gameplay, but more often than not the actual streamer, it's like watching a comedian, or entertainer do anything else. Most often, there are also chatrooms for viewers to socialize between eachother and the streamer, probably another reason people enjoy watching streams ^_^
    I apologize for how silly I may or may not sound 9/10  :hippie:

  5. Sorry but i dont understand what you said really.
    Are ypu saying people watch themselves play to increase views???

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    Couldn't have said it better.
    A lot of youtubers/streamers just have a cool personality and it draws in the masses, it makes it feel like more of a community of friends rather than just a video game
  7. No, no. I'm saying people watch others play games because they find the person playing them entertaining, not the game, necessarily.
    Sorry for any confusion :p
  8. That makes sense

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