My mind has been blanketed by sobriety

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by TheCruz831, Feb 11, 2014.

  1. Before probation, I rapped. I wrote. I free wrote and, out of nowhere, thought of one line truths and what not. I used a more diverse vocabulary. I was a lot more interesting to talk to, and a lot more interesting on GC. I rarely find myself on a more meaningful topic, and when I do, I don't have the same interest, and thoughts on it, as I used to. I've been sober for about a week and a half now. As far as pot goes, it's been a couple days longer than that. Before I started smoking every couple of days for the last month or so, I only smoked about once a month for the first 3 months of my probation. Then, I felt like I do now. Less literate. Less free-minded and creative, and philosophical. I feel like a flat, boring person now. I don't know how I'm gonna get through the next two months.
  2. I feel like the secret is to just try to be creative all the time. That way when you need to be creative because you're writing or something it should just feel more natural. You can't always rely on weed to get you to feel creative and such. Just because you don't have bud doesn't mean you can't continue to try to expand your mind. Just immerse yourself in your rapping and writing and try to thrive in it. When i don't have weed i focus more of my time on playing guitar and writing music trying to improve myself and using my sober mind to my advantage almost. Hope this helped.
  3. If i cant smoke i just lift more and play basketball. Some dip is good too like copenhagen when i cant smoke. Drink more beer also. Always listenin to music high or sober so that probably mellows me out too

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  4. Sometimes being sober for periods of time is a high in itself
  5. I also write and rap and I find I always can have something to the quote says "I don't get writers block so called, my problem is having too much and being unable to get it down"

    Don't limit yourself, you shouldn't need to be high or altered to create
  6. Just look at it as an adventure. Through a desert. With no water.

    But hey that lizard is pretty cool

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  7. you probably jus got to apply yourself more, work through the grind to get that creativity to come out again. instead of it being free-flowing. I've been through this just naturally, being sober the whole time, when I was younger i didnt even have to try and want to do my hobbies, i was churning shit out left and right. now I have no desire to do it, but good things come when I force myself to jus do it. every creative goes thru this I think

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