My micro grow. N.lights from pyramid seeds

Discussion in 'Micro Grows' started by GreenThumbHerer, Jan 7, 2012.

  1. green.jpg Sorry Still learning how to use this site. Let me know what you think. The first pic is 2nd week into flower and second is about 3 1/2.

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  2. subbed. was thinking of ordering that exact strain. heard northern lights is one of the low odor strains. how's the smell so far?
  3. Post some more pics of the growbox :p Also, try rotating your pics first haha
  4. extremely low smell just chopped it last night. I have it in a closet grow box, and without my cannon filters I can't even smell it outside of the door. Will post more pics when not at work.

  5. that's good news. i have a very nosy landlord, so its absolutely vital that it doesn't smell. gonna put in the order as soon as i get my paycheck. can't wait to see some more pictures.
  6. What did you grow them under? CFL, LED, HPS?
  7. I grew them under cfl's in a 1 1/2'x1 1/2'x3' grow cab. I used 4 5000k bulbs, and when 12/12 started I used 2-5000k and 2-2700k bulbs. I will post pics of this hopefully soon.
  8. I literally JUST planted the same seed.

    You think you can post pics of your grow cab?

    I'm hoping this auto strain grows low.

    In my sig the mini fridge link is where it's at

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