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My Method For Homemade Bubble Hash (I think it's hash...) (Native American Style)

Discussion in 'Stash Jar' started by Typewritermonky, Dec 3, 2009.

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    I guess it's the native american way of making hashish (what my native american friend tells me). I just tried it with this exact method (done this before) and my results with this exact method worked great! Thanks to hashmouf for the idea to use a grinder to extract hash from.

    Step 1: Get very high percentage rubbing alcohol or very high alcohol (distilled spirits), weed, glass cup, razor blade (or metal knife) and a glass/ceramic plate.

    Step 2: Break up weed as much as you can then pour into glass cup. Pour your alcohol in so it covers the weed entirely. Let sit for 20 minutes, swirl every 2 minutes.

    Step 3: Pour mixture out of cup and do not let any of the green stuff get through. You can use a coffee filter (this never works well for me), or a plastic bag over the cup. Make it so the plastic covers the entire top of cup and is tight, put a rubber band around it to hold or just hold it yourself. Get a toothpick and poke tiny tiny holes in it so the liquid can get through. Tinier the better, patience pays off. Pour the liquid onto the plate and let it evaporate (a fan speeds up the process). Took me about two hours to evaporate.

    Step 4: Start Brewing a cup of tea. Very, very strong tea. Very, very, very strong tasting tea.

    Step 5: After it is done evaporating, scrape all the power on it into a pile. I just washed my grinder with NO KEIF IN IT. That's right, from a grinder that had just been scraped for keif, I got about a gram of this powder which is 'keif'. Then, when the tea is brewed and piping hot (the hotter the better in my experience), dip a chopstick (or something small that can collect just one drop, I use my finger, but be careful it can burn).

    Step 5: Drop the single drop of tea onto the pile. Wait until it 'absorbs'. Do this again. I use 5 drops per estimated gram of product. Use about 3 if your making a small amount (like from your grinder).

    Step 6: Scrape this mixture together into a clump of tea and keif, kinda like a cookie. Use a metal object so it doesn't stick. Keep letting this dry (use a lighter on it every once in awhile to speed it up if your inpatient, but patience pays off because the lighter does destroy some THC). Put a fan on low next to it (optional). In my experience it takes about 2 hours for the gross pile of sludge hash to perfect hardened hash.

    Step 7: As it slowly gets harder, scrape it so it's about the circumference of a quarter in size. If you made a good amount of product, scrape it into multiple quarter sized pieces. Then let completely dry.

    Step 8: You now have what should be hash (i think)! I believe this method would work for turning pure keif into hash (i think) too. I used Rasberry Zinger tea and some rosemary and brewed two bags into a shot glass of boiling hot water I kept boiling. My hash tasted very strongly like rasberry and rosemary, and worked very, very well. I am super baked.

    Well, there's your method of making Native American (TolTec) hash (I think) in only 5 hours (could be cut down I'm sure). If you are making it not for yourself and for separate people (or to sell), take the sludge at the beginning and just cut it apart into separate quarter sized pieces.

    Thanks for reading. Constructive criticism is very helpful, also an explanation if any isn't clear. Got really baked off the hash and just randomly typed this up. Also I figured I'd call it bubble hash because it's quality and bubbles when you smoke it.

    Pictures on the way!

    My name for it? Kimmock Moon Rocks.
  2. I really want to try this way out! When you put pictures up it would be rockin if you took pictures of the different steps. That way I would know how it is supposed to look just in case mine doesnt do right.

  3. this thread is not suited for the stash jar and should be moved to the harvesting and processing section, but id really like to see the end product, goodluck with your method
  4. I will put up pictures of the method, but wow the product is great! My camera is lame right now. I got two pictures, one's blurry and the other is bad lighting. Oh well here we go. .6g was my final yield of dried hash.



  5. Yeah I had noooo idea where to post this. I figured it was recreational though.
  6. this is QWISO hash, but with a few drops of tea haha.
  7. kinda what i was thinking...
  8. I used grain alcohol not QWISO.
  9. Well what i mean, everything up and to the point of adding the tea, is the pretty standard way of making hash. But the tea for flavoring is pretty sick.
  10. LOL... tea... hahaha..



  11. Yeah, it is Qwiso, but actually you are letting it stew in the alcohol for too long really. You are probably extracting a lot of chlorophyll and green matter along with the THC. There are a couple really great hashmaking recipes in the Harvesting and Processing section, check them out!! As far as the tea flavor, it sounds tasty if your going to eat it, but if your smoking it, is it really necessary??
  12. You can taste it in the smoke.
  13. Actually what you made by using food grade grain alcohol is what is know as a tincture I personally use 150 proof everclear I add 7 grams of prime dank to every 1 oz of alcohol once you have added your bud you shake the bottle violently for 2 minutes every day for 2 weeks then strain the alchol thru a coffe filter back into a new bottle now if you do the math you can divide an oz which I believe is 47ml by 7 which equals roughly 7ml or 1.5 tsp this contains all the essential oils contained in each gram so one tsp and 15 minutes later you are gonna have a very nice buzz going and if you are the truly brave try a shot. I guarantee some nice mellow music and dim candles to meditate to will give you an entirely new outlook on the world ( caution please do not attempt to drink an ounce without first getting used to this mixture even then please have a fairly straight sitter with you untill you have gotten used to it.) This mixture I got the recipe from a toronto spiritual movement called I believe the g-13 church of the universe they are a religous group who use these high strength tinctures for meditation and lucid dreaming.
    If you do attempt to make this please use a clear white grain liquor or if you have it in your area you can really go for the gusto and buy a 26oz bottle of hills absinthe its alcohol % is 70% and contains 10mg of thujone for the true amsinthe experience adding cannabis to this mixture can be very overwhelming for the novice tincture drinker.

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