my mate:Tale of a duck killer

Discussion in 'General' started by dr_krapp, Sep 5, 2003.

  1. ok let me set the scene, theres me and my 2 mate walking down the main road into our village, we see 3 ducks sat on the other side of the road, just as if there on the bank of a river, 1 of my mates decides hes going to chase them off so they dont get hit by a car(yes he was blazed thats why it sounds so dumb) so he goes over and runs at them yelling "ARGH!" they start to walk from him then they take off he turns around to come back over to us in the distance we hear this screach and we know straight away what it is we get round the corner to see a car and a crowd of people looking for this duck, the other 2 ducks are walking around looking for their freind. and this girl turns around points at my mate and sez "this is your fault" we just burst out laughing with ppl looking at us like we were evil but we just couldnt help it. but it was sooo funny cos we didnt see it, just herd it.
  2. I'm confused...did he kill the duck or no?
  3. well died and hes indirectly responsible
  4. aww poor duck..... quck...

    i guess thats what happens when people don't look when they drive... how couldn't you see a duck in the road... they're of pretty decent size... at least the ones around here...
  5. well it kind of flew around a corner into i think, but all we herd was the car breaking
  6. i guess the duck didnt duck like the other 2 ducks
  7. thats pretty funny i think, just the irony of your friend trying to prevent the duck from being hit by a car and chases it into oncomming traffic. i guess some things are better left alone
  8. *Duck Killer! Duck Killer! Duck Killer!* Ah did you guys atleast smoke out for the poor lil bastard?
  9. yeahhhhhh... im gonna blaze a blunt for my fallin ducky... hahah
  10. i killed some bigger animals in my 'rage' days, so to speak. a duck was included- i have a cool blow gun

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