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    here's my grow i'm growing kc mango from KC brains 5 week veg first week of flowering no signs of sex yet.there's a vid clip of flowering on page 2.

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  2. looks great keep up the good work!!! :hello:

  3. thanks bro
  4. here's a few more pics and my white russian clone:smoking:

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  5. WOzers go go gadget magnify glass!!! :DKeep us posted they look very nice.:smoking:
  6. post pics when you're ready to harvest :D And after you cure the buds.
  7. All is fine accept one plants in picture 3...he need iron go to some shop buy nutrients with Fe...
    good luck!
  8. and in second part of pics...i got some thing to tell you... give him Cu[copper] he definetly grow better!(about clone)
  9. Dude the plants look badass, and I also like the TV/Monitor
  10. these are the nutes im using.

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  11. What components is in this nutes?read the composition on tag.
  12. how many seeds did you go through til you got this beauty, just wandering bc i have had mixed results with kc in the past, but lately all has very good as in germ and growth

  13. out of the 10 seeds I germ'd 8 grew all my plants now have shown sex 5 females out of the 8 i'm never buying non fem'd again.

  14. this and molasses are all im using for flowering

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    Did you just complain after 5 for 8 ? I have on two occasions gone 0/4 ;)

    At least you are supporting RARE in the GC ...

    Plants look good to BTW ...

  16. well then may i recomend dinafem, i have gotten a plant for every seed, and no males. no hermies either. out of three kinds, shark attack,santa sativa,and moby dick.
  17. really unimpressed with kc brains seeds never had such shitty results 1 female out of 10 seeds fucking weak.never ordering non fem seeds again the 1 female I have left is nice thou and my lil white russian clone is duin fuckin kills me to cut down plants after putting 6 weeks into them:(
  18. Fuck! 1/10! You should get like a refund for such shitty results.

  19. haha I know eh I don't think its anything ive done either ive been growing 4 almost 7 years never had any grow with so many males
  20. the plants are looking really nice man, how tall is you mango lady? 1 of ten sucks, and i heard of growers getting a large amount of males and hermies growing this strain thats why i took clones off of my mango lady, that rooted in a week, and in my case i'm missing a male cuz i wanted to breed some mango seeds, one mans trash is another mans treasure:p:p lol where'd u get your seeds from? i'm guessing the attitude?

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