My LST technique with Sativas and Tall plants

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    Indicas form a nice canopy even without scrogging if you top it during veg. But if you have sativas growing alongside, they will be taller and cause uneven light heights between plants.
    To solve this problem, I created an easy way with bamboo sticks to lower the sativas so my plants form a (somewhat even) sea of green

    I did this with my first grow and shared it here but I wanted to share it again to help some new growers see this.

    It only requires some gardening tape and a couple of bamboo sticks for each plant

    2F8F90A6-9388-439E-A683-66D81A3CCE17.jpeg F519AA03-A094-43F6-BCDF-144EDBFA047A.jpeg 10BFCD7A-4B4E-4D98-8E65-28DE7C210564.jpeg 3624BFE2-27AA-45BD-B0F0-71D0ABCEDC3C.jpeg 3E7E2B24-7369-4512-A4A4-D16D5418E8CF.jpeg

    At first they will point down like this but do not worry

    They will recover in a couple of days and shoot right back up from the sticks like you see in these next two pictures
    DEC38EB0-6EB5-47B5-B892-5FFB53FC94F5.jpeg 2DDBDAC1-2727-4E3D-9F06-5CBB04C881D7.jpeg

    Also here are some pics from my previous grows with the same technique
    7A7EFBF3-C034-4E76-85DE-FDEB67637173.jpeg D9E6E55D-9737-42A9-A5D9-4A2B2DF9F724.jpeg E5F25191-BFF9-4298-9DA9-7AF1BFBE5809.jpeg 5518C319-4832-45DA-93E0-4745C94F0C10.jpeg 06DA0968-48ED-4B34-85C9-1C35D44B2B63.jpeg 7FD800D1-2B88-412C-9AC6-3238F6BBCAC1.jpeg E1834976-BFDF-48EA-B982-0C62262BAD64.jpeg A95E7E60-270B-46CB-9999-98144A28988A.jpeg 02E1B3FF-BFCE-4675-A1F1-FE39C3ED4695.jpeg 4776FD23-FF1C-4AD9-80DF-D09668D9F060.jpeg
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  2. looking good bro
  3. Thanks man
    It works for sativas but I dont recommend people to do it on stocky indicas.
    All the buds get light and no need to mess around with nets
  4. Thanks man
    It works for sativas but I dont recommend people to do it on stocky indicas.
    All the buds get light and no need to mess around with nets
  5. Love it man I had the same idea but I have been doing it manually through twisting and pushing a couple times a day. Idk if the strain is indica but I have this frisian dew going like that because it is an outdoor strain and I dont want it to overtake my that you showed off this idea I thi k I will have to do it. :)
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  6. Brilliant! The Headband x Sour Diesel I'm growing is expressing some very sativa-like tendencies, I think I'll try your technique on it. Thanks!
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  7. Make sure you put some tape around the “Y” to prevent spliting of the main body. See my pics
    That way when you open the branches up horizontally, the tape will hold the base together
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  8. And as the buds fatten up, the branches that are not tied to the sticks may start to drop

    But you can always gently curl them inwards to support them with branches that are already tied to the sticks. You can see that on my blurple pics. I curled all free standing branches inwards and and interlocked them with the other leaves
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  9. this trick will help you carry even huge harvests. the sticks stabilize and distribute the weight evenly
    line up the plants like this (+X+X+) to save space
    that way they all get light exposure

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  10. post some pics of it here when you do it
  11. I put the shorter ones on trays with wheels that bring them to the same height the one int back is on a few of them it only about 18 inches tall the others are about 3 ft all are uneven if I put them on the floor. This way I can adjust the height

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  12. Looks really good man! We came along way since curly lol jk
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  13. Hahaha
    Curly was the best smoke bro

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  14. That’s a crazy looking plant lol
  15. The smoke was super dope
    100% heady.
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  16. Good shit bro, I just remember when U were growing It i was like wtf I ain’t never seen that before lol , u should have cloned her and named the bud curly kush
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  17. Will do!
  18. Buds are shooting up nicely from the sticks. About 5 weeks old I think

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  19. Nice man! Really good idea,,plants lookin beaut.

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