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  1. Well it seems we have an abundance of lowryder on this forum, so I thoguht I would enlighten you all, and let you see these wonderful plants in action.

    The reason I chose this strain was because it fascinated me, and I wanted to see how much bud one could get from ebing on a tight budget.

    I am on day 37 of this grow already, so I will fill you on whats happening up till now.

    I put 4 seeds straight into some compost into their final 5"pots. I bought a brand new 125Watt Red Spectrum Envirolite. The Red Spectrum would be fine as these plants have virtually no vegitive stage.

    I origionally started my grow in an old chest of draws, but the heat from the light caused problems. Here they are on day 1.


    Here they are just after sprouting.


    And on day 10.


    This is a picture of my old grow room.


    After 20 days I was able to sex the plants, ended up with 1 male and 3 females. Was pleased.

    Growing conditions in the attick wern't ideal, but were nessesary. For instance, I had no reflector to refelct as much light as possible, and no grow box with white walls to relfect the light, so I knew I wans't going to get as much yeild as I could have from moving it up here. But still I continued.

    Here they are on Day 28.

    They have grow quite a bit since these pictures, so will get new ones up soon.

    That's all the pictures for now. I appolgise for the poor quality, but I was using the camera on my phone. Once pictures are worth taking I will start using a digital camera, which will be very soon.

    Thanks for reading and if you have any questions please do ask.

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  2. Nice job so far! From the looks of those yellow veins forming on the leaves you may need some Nitrogen Ferts soon.
  3. lowryder is definatlly a sweet strain,,,it doesnt NEVER clone from what ive read [thought id give u a heads up] so dont waste a bud site doing this,,,its a excellent plant to do a sea of green with,,,,a thought ive had rolling in my own head,,,,,you used the phrase,,,'' chest of drawers' gotta love that southern slang,,,,, being one myself,i reconize it when i see it,,,peace to youh,,,,,,:eek:
  4. Looking good my m8 keep us updated as much as possible if you can!
  5. I didn't know yellow veins meant nitrogen deficiency! :p But a few days after those pictures were taken I started them on some ferts. I'll check them soon to see if they still have it.

    Chicken, sorry to burst your bubble but I'm from Scotland. :p Didn't know any other way to say it apart from "chest of draws". Bedside table perhaps?

    cheers for the replys guys, next pictures will be with a digital.
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  7. I am very interested in growing lowryders, I will be watching this thread. I hope they turn out good for you.
  8. ah im soo jelious, ive wanted lowyders for the past year man. hope everything turns out well. looking good so far.
  9. Day 39

    Plants are growing really well. Bud is starting to form real nicely all over the plant. They've really grown in vertical height in the past few weeks. Here are some of those digital camera pictures I promised you. Camera dosn't have macro, so no real close ups I'm afraid, but I did my best.

    Plant A. Currently the biggest of my plants, measuring in at 10".

    Plant B. The medium sized one, measuring in at 8".

    Plant C. The smallest one, but the one that seems to be producing the best bud. Weird how the plants you think won't do good at the start, always end up the best at the end. She's measuring in at 7".

    Their smelling quite nice. Still have a strong planty smell, but a definite weed smell in there.

    Here's a group shot.

    And some bud pictures.

    Enjoy! And again, any questions please do ask.
  10. nice, it only took them 39 days to get that big? lowryder is 1 sweet strain, they look beautiful, keep up the good work..
  11. Yeah, their very fast plants. It's great because most lowryders only have 1 main cola, I have buds forming all over the plant. :D
  12. Thats cool, good luck with the grow
  13. HIGH All, yup sure a cool plant for sure...looking good.
  14. Thanks all. :)

    Day 42

    Gave them another water, and crystals have started to appear. Ever so slightly sticky. :D Will get some more pics around day 50, when serious buds start forming.
  15. sounds great keep us posted

  16. do the male flower too i dont get how the plant works
  17. no only females its the same concept as regular weed Males= pollen sacks and Females = flower/buds the only big difference to my knowledge is that lowryders dont get big at all the 10 " one "plant A" probaly wont get too much bigger if it does at all.. Let me know if im wrong but i think thats the case.:rolleyes:
  18. males will flower, but, they will be male flowers.

  19. what do u mean, males have sacks females have v whisps what dont u get? is that what your askin or am i just high...:smoke: but anyways dont talk about that here this is bwahs grow journal, sorry for the babbling bwah like i said keep us posted

  20. Plant A is currently 12"!! :D I do beleive it's stopped growing now and fattening out.

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