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  1. 'Sup guys :wave:. I am going to continue a journal that i shouldn't have deleted. Lets recap a lit'l, shall we. The sprouts are supposed to be Lowryder #2, Joint Doctor genetics. Unfortunately, i was misinformed and bought my beans from a reputable seedbank, and my seeds turned out to be knock offs. This means that my seeds werent supplied by Joint Doctor, they were sold by dr. chronic and arent 100% stable ( autoflowering ). With that aside we can move on to my set up, which is pretty basic.

    My closet is 23"x23"x8'. I have a passive intake and my exhaust is 3 axial/computer fans exhausting into the "attic" space where our central heating unit is. I am drawing air from my room, leaving my window open for some of the day to replace air in the room.

    I am using a 23w 6500k Daylight cfl with a lampshade reflector try and not waste light. I used to have a few more lights but it was way too hot in there. I keep a temp between 68F- 78F, depending on how hot the air is in my room, and a humidity ranging 48-55%. I had them on 20/4 light schedule but changed it to 24/0 to see if that speeds growth up any. I wish my closet was wider so i can put a dual flouro over them and use cfls for side lighting. I am trying to convince my better half to let me get a 150w hps. I may get a security light with hps but I have to look into whats cheaper. if not i am going to make a cool tube. I have them in 1/2 gallon pots and sit in 5.5" of soil. here are a few pics of them at day 9.

    I wanted them in bigger containers but thats the biggest size i had and couldnt buy more. I am going to definately make it a point to grab bigger ones when my seed runs are done.

    I water them every 4 to 5 days sometimes longer, depending on how heavy the pots feel. I was adding a small drop of superthrive and 10ml h2o2 to 2 quarts of water. No nutes what so ever. After posting in sick forum, i was told that superthrive and h2o2 are strong for the plants and to flush the soil, only feed it water and to transplant from hyponex soil, which i guess contains organic ferts. Doesnt say on label but im a noobie so what do i have to lose if i try it. I am going to transplant this weekend when i can get to store and grab some good soil. Im gonna add some bone meal to the soil for nitrogin,

    Since day 10, my sprouts have been turning purple in color. In the past 3 days, they have really darkened up. I am wondering if keeping them in temps around 70F will do that to leaves? Im used to 85F-90F temp in cabinets so i dont know what to expect with cooler temps. Well in closing i want to show pics of them 18 days from germination. I am down to 2 sprouts from the original 4 i germinated. I lost one in the grass outside when i knocked the pot over in semi tall grass and the sprout was a runt so i couldnt find it amongst the grass. I culled the one that first started showing discoloration and looked real bad by now. Im hoping they pull through. They have new growth and its neon green but is showing signs of changiing. Maybe i have a nano-purple pheno, or just really unhealthy sprouts. Here they are. I refer to them as she, similar to gun and car owners.

    This is constance at day 18. She is showing her indica side with her small fat leaves.

    How tall she is at day 18.

    This is Hashley at day 18. shes smaller than her sibling with her leaves looking slightly more sativa and has been reaching since she was 5 days old.

    Hashley's not much bigger than Constance.

    Group shot of the 2. short and purple. well, kinda purple.
    I am hoping for females. Maybe my buds will be purple ;). Well, I hope my actions yesterday dont detour folks from checking this journal out. Ill update this every few days with pics. any questions, comments and/or concerns, feel free to post em. Thanks for hanging again guys. peace, e :bongin:

  2. They look healthy, good luck man.
  3. Thanks 1hitquit. i do hope your right. peace, e :bongin:
  4. i wonder what kind of plants they really are thats crazy
  5. Are you sure the temps are only fluctuating 10 degrees? I've seen this before, purple seedlings, and it was because the temps fluctuated from 60 at night to around 90 at the highest point during the day.

    They do look really small for 18 days. How long has it been since they've popped through the soil?
  6. 'Sup guys :wave:. Well today, Oct. 10, 20 days from when I germinated them, 19 from surface penetration, my purple, knockoff Lowryder #2 sprouts have died. I woke up to find the leaves crispy and sagging, and stem was flimsy and cotyledons were shriveled and yellowish white. I checked the soil when i discarded them and there's no way they dehydrated. The soil was plenty moist and wasnt due for a watering until Friday. I inspected the roots and the already reached the botton and sides of the container and they were white and didnt smell. Perfectly healthy root system so :confused_2: Wow, those genetics defiinately had a few defects :eek:. Im still waiting for my care package to arrive with my Original Lowryder and Masterlow seeds. As soon as they do, Ill pick this thread back up. Im thinking it'll be by monday but im hoping it's sooner. Thanks for returning and hopefully we can finish this damned journey.

    Mobitsfa- My temps never went under 66F and when they started changing color, i had temps above 70F. Most they fluctuated was 8 degrees and that been recently due to cold weather. As i said above, I think its just bad breeding seeings as they arent from Joint Doctor. Peace, e :bongin:
  7. I thought Lowrider was supposed to be an autoflowering strain? Anyways good luck, hope everything turns out for ya.
  8. Thanks mr. goodstuff :wave:. It is an autoflowering strain, when the genetics are original. being knock offs, anything is to be expected. It was odd that they were the same size, and on the same node and changed the same color but didnt show any signs of growing or autoflowering. anyways, i have good genetics coming . cant wait, Masterlow and Lowryder. Gonna be great. peace, e :bongin:
  9. Sounds good, never smoked Lowrider before though. Have you tried the strain yet?
  10. Well Better luck on the next go around. It sounds to me like it may get to cold in there.

    I have read that getting to cold causes strains that aren't normally supposed to turn purple to turn purple. Which can be an effect caused on purpose by some towards the end of flowering for bag image. I think it may not be a good thing for early developing plants though.
  11. I havent tried lowryder yet. i cant wait though. peace, e :bongin:

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