My Little family

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  1. My small family of glass...missing one bong that I'll upload tomorrow

    The Family

    BaM BaM the spoon


    Massive exit hole(can fit a 1.5 g jay in it)

    Stem that gave the name (looks like fruity pebbles)

    Smaller Bong (No Name)

    Larger Bong (No Name)

    2 bowls (NEED CLEANING ASAP)

    Toke on GC :bongin:
  2. Nice looking family bro! Hope it continues to grow :).
  3. Thanks man what cheaper bong would you suggest if i want clear glass?
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    Well depends on where you want to get it. I'm sure your local headshop has some decent clear bongs for cheap, but if you're looking to buy online check out ETSY.

    More specifically, check out simpleglasstubes. I've heard of that dude doing 10" clear bongs for $33 shipped (not glass on glass, but for the price...cant be beat). Here's an example of one.

    Definitely check out ETSY man, lots of talented artists! That's where I got my first bong (pic in my sig).

    How much were you looking to spend, and what size did you want?

    Edit: Also, people on ETSY can make you custom tubes. If you make an ETSY account and send simpleglasstubes a message requesting something, he can quote a price on it for you.

    Hope this helps!
  5. thanks bro I'm just lookin for somethin cheap and effective that site looks pretty good I might look into it...only problem is I didn't see stem info like the diameter and such
  6. nice glass man, im also in va "for now", haha.

  7. If you've got any questions just send them to the blower and they'll be happy to answer them. Most of the stuff he does is 4mm, but like I said you could request a 5mm piece if you wanted.

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