my little BUDdies

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  1. well i just got my digital camera so i decided to show you my kickass turtles that my little sister caught in my neighbor's pond for me in June.
    their names are Cheech & Chong, and their favorite snack is shake hehehe.

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  2. picture quality kind sucks cuz i had to scale it down a ton

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  3. Look pretty tight!! Bet they are great to stare at when you're stoned!
  4. Those look like my friends turtles. Those are some stinky fuckers.
  5. i have a fishtank filter in the aquarium, so they dont smell too bad, and its fun as hell to get ripped, turn on some music and park yourself in front of the tank, i bought 10 guppies at a pet store and dumped em in there and watched em chow down
  6. I bet that's some funny shit... Watching your turtles get their grub on!!
  7. you think thats sick
    get a couple of up a little money you can just japanese fighting fish and make bets as if it were a boxing match. Its pretty fun because choosing the fish is the best. You sometimes buy a fish and hes a badass and rips another fish. THen sometimes u might get a pussy fish that justs gets his ass kicked


  8. me and my friend put a frog in there and they tagteamed it, and ended up eating its legs, it was hilarious
  9. yall are some evil mother fuckers! lol

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