my little a incident

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by L.strawberryC., Jun 8, 2004.

  1. sunday night I was bored so I rode up to town and stopped by the dairy freeze to see my buddy mike, after talking for a bit, we came to the conclusion that we wanted to smoke some herb, so I ride over to my weed mans house "b-rad", and pick up 1.5 grams, go to the store, pick up a blunt, then go get mike, we ride out to the dirt road in my van (see: "Tha Spot" thread) and smoked a good blunt with the gram then I dropped him back off and went to me lady's house , ate some ice cream, smoked a bowl with her, met her parents etc., when I left there I got a call from my best friend jon jon, he said he wanted to get wasted because he had a long bus ride to tennesee, (church camp lol), so I go pick him up and we come to my house, I give him the pipe nd some roaches to smoke since im already stoned, after that and a cigg, we roll inside and I break out my mini bar, so we start pouring it out, I mean like anything we wanted to drink we drank, chilled smoked a cigar and then I took him home because it was 4 am at the time and he had to leave at 4:30, so I got home at about 5, im wasted, took a shower and ended up in bed at 6, come seven o'clock my mom wakes me up to take my brother to summer school, im still wasted but I didnt say anything, so I get up, we get in the car and I go to pull out of my driveway, I looked both ways didnt see any cars, so I pulled out and bam, hit a ford tourus, fucked it up, it skidded all the way to the other side of the road, It didnt hurt the van, just a little silver paint on the bumper, I didnt even feel it, so I got out of the car got yelled at, filed a police report etc., so thats that, now I can't drive anywhere...can't leave the house it sucks majorly.
  2. this is why I don't drink and drive. I'm a dangerous enough driver when I'm sober.
  3. i never could drink and drive cause when i drink i drink to pass out.
  4. Never drink and drive... might spill your drink!
  5. why drink and drive
    when you can get high and fly

  6. Right on!
  7. HaHa that reminds me of when I was younger me and my friends hot boxed my moms car a took it for a joy ride and I hit this meixcan guy who works for my uncle when he was pulling out He told me to roll down the window and a huge cloud of smoke came out. We got so badly fucked over it was not even funny. But yeah I feel for ya man

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