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My Lighter Exploded!?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by gimpyspetsnaz, Oct 28, 2008.

  1. Okay so I go to my backyard tonight for a quick toke, and when I finished off the bowl, I hit my cheap disposable lighter against it to ash it. So I'm tapping my lighter and I hear this *BANG* and I see this bright ass flame of light coming from my hands. My lighter exploded in my hands somehow, and the lighter fluid rapidly ignited and dissipated. I was so high I thought my chillum had exploded or something. Lesson learned here:

    Tapping the 2 for $1 lighters against chillum bowls may cause sudden fragmental explosions in your hands. Proceed to toke with caution.

    Funny thing is that it made a large bang. It was a legitimate hollywood explosion in my hands... I guess it was just all the right conditions for that kind of freak shit. Brought some cop attention about 2 minutes later.

    Okay Bioshock time..:wave:
  2. Haha damn, those things are dangerous
    just having it lit for 30+ seconds can make it hot enough to explode
  3. haha!

    I've had it melt and explode after holding one for too long... stupid me.

  4. LOL this should be a fun prank to play :rolleyes: mwuhahahaha

    Jokes,.. however the look on someones face as theyre stoned hands appear to set on fire would be fucking hilarious...

  5. well, still better than keeping the flame to the bowl so long that /that/ explodes. (stupid, cheap-ass bowls...)
  6. yeah, thers pressurised explosive gas in those things guys, there dangerous.

    You would smack a propane tank against a building would you?

    One of those exploding can take off a hand.
  7. i doubt it could take his whole hand or part of it for that matter
  8. A firecracker can take someone's hand off if its container in the hand.

    if your holding it and it blows outwards instead of upwards, it will take fingers off.

    If its a full lighter.
  9. i still doubt it
  10. Im calling shenanigans. How fucking hard did you tap it against the bowl cause I know sometimes when im popping a lighter on the ground if the flint came out, sometimes they dont even break.
  11. yeah and usually when a lighter explodes it just lets out all the butane or lighter fluid.... flame came from where??? hand on fire. ???
  12. i broke my lighter once by throwing it lightly on a pile of clothes and the wheel and spring pops out but no flames
  13. This has happened to me three times before... its not Bics that it happens to, its the "crack lighters" see thru 1's, the cheap 1's, i was just tapping it against my onie (metal) lightly and it fucking exploded... it was crazy at the time cause i was chopped, and the same thing happened again 2 other times just at diff times... so... lesson learned... BUY BIC'S... My name ain't BIC BUT I KEEP THAT FLAME! :smoke:
  14. I call bullshit. When i was in 8th grade me and a friend bought the 4 for 1 dollar lighters at the dollar store and got some lighter fluid. We poured the lighterfluid all over one and lit it... the lighter would explode when the plastic melted but the pressure from the explosion would put out the flame, believe it or not. Did the same thing for all 4 lighters.
  15. word.... i was refilling a zippo and accidently burned my carpet my friends were soo stoned adn they just stod theere.. it set off the alarm.... my dad came up... damn near caught us.... fuck
  16. this girl was smoking out of my bowl and it was clear, so she ashed it out onto the ash tray with the lighter [hitting it against the bowl]. Suddenly there was like a huge pop and a little fire-ball thing. At first I thought she broke my bowl sometime, I was getting heated.

    Then we realized it was the lighter after it stopped working haha.

    EDIT: i posted this before i even bothered to read the OP's thread, only the title. and it looks like we had the same results haha.
  17. Was that one of those crackhead looking liters that are clear because I know for a fact that those things explode if you throw them at the ground real hard. Those things are absolute garbage and if I had to guess I bet that is what you were using. It's no surprise that thing exploded lol they are garbage.
  18. The cheap ones can explode if you use them to cover your bowl and the bowl is hot enough. Ever seen anyone do that?

  19. Yea it was one of those 75 cent lighters from bp. A clear orange one to be exact. I
  20. Wow, really? It was that loud? lol A friend and I back in HS exploded a lighter intentionally but the explosion didn't seem so violent from what I remember. I can recall this one flicker lighter I bought that had its flint faced a different angle, preventing itself from functioning properly. So after minutes of trying to get it to work my friend came up with this idea but didn't get to tell me what it was at first, all he said was "You're going to like this!". He got up and grabbed a half gallon jug of oil from his BBQ grill and spilt it all over the backyard concrete floor until it was a big pile, after that he grabbed my lighter from the smoking table and yelled "DAS!" before he threw it at the ground. A huge fire unexpectedly appeared and looked like as if a napalm bomb just went off for 3 seconds. Waaait a minute, come to think of it the blast was indeed loud lol. nvm

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