My life ruined?

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  1. Long story short, in a quick few months, got arrested for a possession charge, now I'm on probation. Threw a house party which got busted by my mom, now most of my family hates me. Then on top of that, found out that my 17 year old girlfriend is pregnant, she is still in high school. I'm 18 btw and now I have to drop out of college to pick up this job to support us. What a shitty summer....

    What do you guys think?
  2. You may get in trouble for her being 17 and you being 18. I know 2 kids that were in the same situation and the father had to go threw a shit load of court and all this.

    How much were you caught with, and that's why they put you on probation, to keep you out of trouble and out of jail. Your mom can't really ruin your life. But that really sucks man that you have to drop outta college.

    You can always get an abortion. I don't think it's wrong because it's like a egg ya know, not even close to a human yet and people die everyday, and think it wouldn't have the great life and it would really hold you guys down because your so young and you will have to work your ass off to support it.

    It can only ruin you're life if you let it man.

  3. Nah in Florida it's a 2 year difference. I was caught with .6 which in Florida is a misdemeanor. I won't be able to get help from any of my family because of the party. No one knows about my gf being pregnant and I don't think me or her want an abortion. Dropping out of college sucks... especially because i have more than half of it payed for through scholarships
  4. I'm not sure that ruined is the right word, but your life will never be the same.
  5. .6 isn't shit and it's a misdemeanor so that wont effect you really. The unwanted kid part will. It's gonna be a hard choice and if you go through with having the kid it's going to be hard, you're both going to have to work your ass off, cause baby's aren't cheap man.

    Sit down and really talk about this, abortions are really simple and take 5 minutes these days, not trying to push you on that but that's what i would do. I wouldn't want to bring a kid into this world if i couldn't support it and it was going to fuck up my future.

    Good luck to the both of you tho
  6. Thing is, abortions are pretty costly. I mean no where near a baby, but still. Also, you have that on your concious for the rest of your life. I'll do my best to support the kid. That is without any parental help. And I just thought about this. If I can go to college at night and on the weekends, I could still go to college, have a full time job, still be with my girlfriend, aaand take care of the baby.... That leaves no time for me.
  7. It's not an abortion if she Miscarriages ;)
    If you catch my Drift.

  8. You're going to be a father. You gave up "me time" as soon as you decided to have unprotected sex man.

    Going to school at night sounds like the best bet. You'll still be furthering yourself, and once you're done you'll be able to get a well-paying job to take care of your new family.

    It'll be stressful, of course. But there are consequences to every action.

    Good luck.
  9. Try and see if her family can help you and your girl support the baby while you get your degree. A degree can really help out in the future.
  10. See it's always better to come up with solutions instead of declaring that your life is ruined.. I'm sure you'll get out of this n move on just fine. Good luck
  11. Sad thing is... I wore a condom. I might of played around a bit down there if you catch my drift... but every time i actually stuck it in I wore a condom... curse my luck. And I just looked up classes for my college and I can't find any of them at night. like after 7 P.M. Man who knew actually taking responsibility for your actions was such hard work.....

    Edit: and tbh I don't even want to imagine what she will have to go through with her parents... it'll be 10X worse than what I have to go through. And she is still in high school, mostly taking online classes but I'll make it my life mission to get her through, even if I have to do some of her work.
  12. Both of you are young and youre on probation....might be tough getting a job...put the child first...put it up for adoption...the best thing you could ever do....for both of you and most importantly the child

  13. Maybe, It's not your kid?
  14. Op did she tell her parents?
  15. I just got accepted for a job that's around 45 hours a week and a better pay than what I have now. I don't think I could put it up for adoption, and I know she won't be able to once she has been with it for 9 months.

    I know it's my kid. We did it right when the timing was right for her having a kid. Her cheating on me would be out of the question. I trust her completely.

    Nope, not yet, I havn't told mine either.
  16. Hey honey, come here...

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  17. Damn, that's the third person that's said that to me today. That's funny, I know, but completely fucked up. That's a good prison sentence, probably for manslaughter or something. Adding that up with probation... and I'm looking at a long time in the county slammer.
  18. Damn that sucks. You should probably get that out the way first.
  19. I would, but I want to be completely completely sure. She took the test and it came up positive. Were going to wait a week to see if she missed her period. If so, take another test. Comes up positive, then we know for sure for sure. Then I have to articulate my words so I don't get kicked out and maybe they might want to help me?
  20. Good luck OP...your life is getting ready to change immensely...always put your child first...He/she will always depend on you to do the right thing.

    Prop for taking responsibility....I hope you have support from family.

    btw...those tests are pretty reliable measures the hormone produced when pregnant

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