my leaves are lazy!!!!

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by sleepycity718, Jun 6, 2006.

  1. my leaves are down instead of up. is this a problem? if it is, what can i do about it?:confused:
  2. Tell us more about how much and how often you water, lighting, pH level, nutes/ferts, how old the plant is, etc etc.
  3. well i watered it last night and this morning the leaves were up so i think its because of water. i give it water every day but only the amout i think is good enough. i need a measuring cup. ohhh shit, i see on the tips of every leaf that its losing its color, its turning light!!! what is this problem? i havent givin it fertz yet but im planning on giving it miriclegro all purpose plant food. is this good?ohh and i only have it under one 26 watter. im planning on getting like two more 50watters and a flourecent light (a little one)
  4. Watering daily is a no-no. The plant needs to be soaked throughout the soil well, and left to almost completely dry between waterings. Most folks water every 3-4 days.
  5. how much water can i give it before watering again? the tips of my leaves turned black!!!! some crazy shit, i dont know whats wrong...
  6. TO MUCH WATER!!!!! i water mine once a week. There in 5 gallon buckets and are about hmm a month old.
  7. Heres a good rule of thumb for watering. Stick your finger a half inch down in the soil. If its moist, don't water. If its dry, water it. I tend to keep my pots on the dry side early on as it forces the plant to send out more roots to find water.
  8. i got a 13-4-5 spike fertilizer. is this good or atleast better than nothing at all?????????
  9. First get your water situation under control.

    Next, I would advise you to have more control over the rate of fertilization by getting a cheap water-solube formula at any hardware or garden store. Use it at 1/4 strength at first.
  10. well theres this miricle gro liquid solution that i can buy and i want to buy but the rate is suppose to be like 10-9-9 or 11-10-10, as long as the first one is higher? or can it be different?
  11. N-P-K fertlizers:
    For vegging you want something with a higher N value
    For blooming you want something with a higher P value

    I use Miracle grow bloom booster water soluble, It works pretty well for me, but I don't really recommend Miracle grow products.

    When your leaves droop that either means too much water, too little water, light problems etc.

    First off, your watering is off. It varies with soil and the age of the plant, but it definitely sounds like your watering too much. You want your plant to have good wet days and then consistantly get drier and drier for a day and then water it again. Depending on how much water you give it, skip a day or two between waterings.

    Next, your light.
    It's horrible.
    Get more, if you cant at the moment how about sunlight? Put it under a windowsill? Something?
    The light is not cutting it. get more cfl's
  12. ok, i got two 30 watter and a 26 watter. both 30 watt cfl puts out 1800 lumens each. the light is attracting the plant so thats good. but i still have one more little problem..... like four of my leaves have a black tips. i know its not a too close light problem and its not a solution problem cause i just giving it solution. any help would be fantastic.
  13. Pictures please.
  14. ill have the pics in 1 or 2 days.

  15. Do NOT use fertilizer spikes. They are just like time release fertilizer in the soil and you have no control of when and how much fertilizer they get. Don't use them or get them outa there.

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