My latest work: First attempt at surrealist painting

Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by Retroshark, Aug 15, 2007.

  1. So me and a mate decided on a whim a few weeks back to go buy some canvas and do some painting. ive had a lot of experience painting, mainly in the model painting world (model cars, planes, boats and motherfuckin WARHAMMER!!) but that asside, i dont enjoy it that much because im not very good at keeping focused on something that time intensive, and i normally goof off and never finnish.

    BUT, after having been to a dali exhibit this summer, i got really interested in picking up the paintbrush again. So, me and a mate decide to do these paintings. he is painting some abstract thing, not sure what it is really, but i decided to do this sort of mini still life of my roor, next to a window.

    outside of the window will be the view from mine, but it will be painted completely surreally. The rest of the painting will be as realistic as possible. I have already started the window sill, but i couldnt match the right color for my walls without buying more paint, so here is my progress so far. bare in mind there are no highlights or detail painted in yet, im just getting my base colors down.

  2. and i know that my perspective on the corner of the surface the bong is on, is actually about 35 degrees off, i just never changed it as i was just gonna freehand paint over it.
  3. haha warhammer, my friend and his bro used to play that and that was my nickname for him haha,
    also sweet painting dude
  4. Cool dude, keep it up and update us when you're done.
  5. so as usual, i couldnt keep my mind on any one thing, so heres what i did when i houdl have been finnishing the painting.

    the background isnt done but it only took me an hour or two thus far...


    if anyone doesnt know who this is, you should be ashamed!
  6. hahah the inspector gadget smoking a j hahahah thats great

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