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    I love jarring day. This is from a plant I chopped about a week ago (not the one I had another thread about, that was this weekend). It's all nice and dry and just went into jars. It's smokeable now but after a few weeks in the jars it will be very, very tasty indeed. So, without further ado, here is your morning dose of canna-porn.

    EDIT: Latest bud porn is on page 4 (2/17)

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  2. Oh that leftover stuff in the second to last pick is about to go into a nice joint :D
  3. You always have the dankest 'pickups'

    Northern Lights I suppose?

  4. Yes...hash plant won't be ready for a couple of months, just about to flip it. Next up will be Hindu Kush if I don't have to tear down (we may move).

    And thanks for the compliment :)
  5. Beautiful buds i bet it is delicious:smoking:
  6. Thank you. Yes, it is very, very tasty Northern Lights #5. Cannabis grown in small batches and hand nurtured is SO much better in taste and overall quality than 99% of the commercially sold bud, even the high grade stuff. That's one reason I encourage people to grow their own if at all possible. You know exactly what's gone into it and it's heritage, and the satisfaction from smoking a bud you lovingly grew cannot be put into words.
  7. Hell yeh man, That's some grade A++ herb.

    Great harvest once again, let us know how it smokes ;)
    Cant wait to see more bro. :bongin:
  8. Thanks mate :) Other than the scraps I'm going to wait at least 2 weeks to sample this one, maybe longer as long as current supplies hold up ;)

    Making a little cold water hash with some of the scruff and popcorn right now.
  9. Nice, should start stocking up for the move soon.
    Want to be prepared :p
  10. Looks great, canna porn it certainly is.
  11. Yeah it gets worse. There is a small water leak in the basement near my grow room. Going to tear the ceiling up tonight to see what is leaking, but if we can't fix it we need a plumber, which means the plants have to go. If that happens though I might temporarily commandeer the guest bedroom upstairs and relocate them.
  12. Thanks :)
  13. Yeh fair enough man.

    Goodluck with that :p
  14. Damn, that fucking sucks man. I know how you feel though because I hate having people come into my house while I have a batch growing. I don't really use any kind of filtering system so sometimes my house can get kinda stinky and when I have to have something repaired I have to go spray ozium everywhere. I'm having a ton of work done on my house right now too and it's really stressing me out.

    Nice buds, by the way!
  15. You wouldn't know I was growing if you were to in my house; it's a decent sized place and I have a really good filter/ventillation system going in the grow area. In this case the leak is RIGHT next to my flowering chamber though; there would be no way to hide it from a visiting plumber.
  16. I took some of the trim and tiny buds and mixed up some cold water hash today. It's settling now. I might let it go overnight before I siphon the water off and dry the trichs. You can see the hashy goodness settling at the bottom.

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  17. What is wrong with the word ""Dank?
  18. Look it up in the dictionary. It means 'unpleasantly damp' as in 'A dank basement filled with mildew' or 'The ancient crypt was dank and musty.'
  19. In some of the pictures, The bud looks really stringy.
    Pretty dank I suppose though.
  20. gorgeous man, nuff said. Lol. I have yet to smoke any legit NL, so props to you :smoking:

    i can't wait till mine is ready. Gonna flip to 12/12 next sunday, so i still got a couple months, but it will be worth it :cool: i think i did pretty good with the LST this time, i wanna see how much it will produce

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