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My latest pick ups-Dank Fruity Buds!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Its me dave man, Aug 9, 2011.

  1. This is what im getting lately 40/75/250
    The buds around here has ben alot of kushes and fruity smelling buds
    What i have now is called "guava" cos it smells real sweet
    and exactly like guava fruit, it has a strong hash smelling smoke. its probly the most potent too,i smoke alot and have a tolerance but one bowl of this gets me ripped:p
    The other pics are mango and orange kush.
    new ones 016.jpg
    new ones 029.jpg
    new ones 026.jpg
    new ones 020.jpg
    new ones 005.jpg
    new ones 018.jpg
    new ones 022.jpg
    new ones 031.jpg
    new weed pics 084.jpg
    new ones 004.jpg
  2. niice specially the 6th pic. was that an 8th or half 8th you got?
  3. most of the pics are of eigths minus a bowl or two.
    my dude usualy gets a bunch of differnt kinds every week
    so i usualy try an eigth of each and if i like it ill buy more.
  4. Damnnn
  5. Getting that shit for 40 an 8th is bomb pricing and it looks really dank. i'd say you found a good deal. smoke up!
  6. Great stuff man, that shit is dank. I've got some good seeds I'm about to plant of some good shit. Can't wait !!
  7. thats some pretty dank stuff
  8. Damn dude that's nice
  9. Gotta love Guava Kush, bro! I had it down south of you a month ago and it was very good and strong.
  10. thanks fellow stoners- stay high!

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