My late introduction thread

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by xekushnr, Aug 13, 2007.

  1. Hey GC! I've actually been here for a bit now, but I just noticed that I never formally introduced myself. My name is Sean, I'm 21, and a big toker. I started smoking daily (cigs and weed) when I was 17. If I could do it all over again, I probably would have waited to get out of school before increasing my usage. Some people can operate fine while getting stoned all the time, but I cannot. I wish I had figured that out sooner.

    Anyways, I spend most of my days job searching (Michigan's job market is shit) and the nights I spend with my friends. I like to play disc golf (while high), play my guitar (while high), watch TV (only while high), and work on cars. I'm a pretty easy guy to get along with, open minded, although generally a smart-ass. It's usually in good fun though.

    Well, there you go. I know I will be sticking around here for a while, so don't be afraid to drop a line and say hi!
  2. hey better late then never dude :)
  3. amen

    Welcome :wave:
  4. welcome to teh siiite
  5. Frisbee Golf for the win!!

    Welcome to the City! :wave:
  6. I LOVE disc golf. Luckily the place we go to is really cool. Most of the people playing are potheads, so we blaze while playing. If you look up disc golf on Wikipedia, the picture it shows is from Cass Benton, my home course (I was quite surprised when I found this out, lol)

    Thanks for the welcomes, guys!
  7. High I'm high here:smoke::bongin: so Welcome:wave

    Nice ta "meet" ya:wave::metal::bongin::gc_rocks:

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