My last night of summer...

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by krazy92, Aug 24, 2008.

  1. Well blades today is offically the last day of summer for me. And let me tell you I celebrated it last night perfectly. We have a place in the country where we all party and we have 5 guys who we call the "veterans" which would be me my cousin and 3 of our friends. We each decided to buy a 1/4th oz of weed each and we had to smoke it all by the time the night was over. Not only did we do that I started off my night dominating in beer pong I couldnt be beat for 5 games. From there I killed a small bottle of hypnotic myself. By that time I had smoked almost half my bag. I was pretty obliterated at this point. So we are all really tired and decided to just roll what we got left in a fatty and just toke. Right before we were about to pass out my one friend is like "Wait, got a surpise!" he pulls out 5 blue valuums(sp?)

    So to end the night we turned on the Ipod and dropped down my speakers in my car and just started singing and laughing hysterically.

    Overall, greatest night ever and such a good way to end summer.
  2. i love ending summers on a really good note....last summer we ended it by buying 2 handles of smirnoff a 5th of jack and 5th of hypnotiq and then some other people came over with another handle of smirnoff and half a handle of whiskey....shit was insane it was so much fun though

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