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  1. Ok all, here's my stats
    DWC Grow cab. Using AN Bloom and some of their micro nutes. Ph is 5.6-7, ppm usually between 11-1300. 12hour lightcycle. CO2. My problem is, as you can see by the buds, they just ain't growing properly. They seem to be in a kinda veg stage- not completely filling out as one bud, but many kinda strands of buds- like a narrow chains... I can't figure out if it's with the strain (NYC D feminized)- other strains seemed to have similar characteristics.. OR some sort of nute difficency. The roots are healthy, and the plants seem fine- i just cant figure out why i cant get a solid bud instead of these "dreads"
    Oh, my ppm from the tap is 400ppm. I've tried RO, and noticed a cal/mag diffiencey, so i added calmag, and experienced the same formations on the buds.
    Whatdaya think?

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  2. Very nice. Did you have a grow journal?
  3. no journal.. just perplexed at the weird stretching and formations

  4. It happens, if the conditions are not right, however, you have some big, fine looking bud, Smoke up man.
  5. It could be from the lights being far away if its stretching.

    Besides your 'problem', i would love to smoke that NYC D. Nice looking buds.
  6. the light is no more than 8 inches from the top of the plant (fan cooled)
    doesn't any one know why this is happening?
  7. You've been blessed with the dread buds. Don't complain when you're getting twice the smokeable weight per plant.
  8. Love the dreads, just don't know what causes them. I never have seen this before. The plant grows, and just when i think she's done, she starts sprouting these dreads, and i have to wait another 2 wks or so to harvest..thought it might have to do with some sort of nute problem....
    Don't get me wrong, Im totally psyched with my budz, buy im always looking to increase yield and produce big fat buds..These dreads have me miffed...

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