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  1. They grow up so fast
    Northern lights-scrog

    Do you have any idea when they start to flower exactly?
  2. the plants start flowering when you cut the lighting down from 18 hours light and 6 hours darkness veggin mode ,down to 12 hours light to 12 hour darkness, then start the stretch where plant stretches and goes in to flowering ,,,mac,
  3. Heh... you’re the boss!
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  4. Hey mac,

    She lives in a greenhouse, outdoors:D
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  5. Tnx mate
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    Plants start to flower outdoors when light goes below 14.5 hrs 12/12 is a indoor thing.
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  7. Thank you for you answer, I think I just spotted some signs of flowering
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  8. hi
    hi there i didnt know you were growing in green house mate my answer would have been the same as @puffnstuff1960 has stated in his post ,,,,mac,
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  9. I did some LST today,
    I think it was the last time, now I let her stretch.
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