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  1. Hello all and thanks for looking. About 3 weeks ago I went into a lhs and picked up my new glass toy. At the point in time I had no clue what a roor was or that there was such a thing as a knock off. Anyhow I've since learned better from joining and reading here but I still love this thing. Its my first glass piece and for being cheap China glass it feels thick and heavy and hits like a champ. Its much better than my 12" graffix acrylic pipe. I've since added a better diffused down stem, the ash catcher and the blue bowl. I know its all cheap stuff but its fun, gets me lifted and I like. What does GC think?

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  2. How much was it?
  3. $140 I'm sure I got raped but I had no clue what I was buying or the value....
  4. Another pic. :)

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  5. I personaly think brand name bongs are just brand name bongs. Ive herd RooR bongs and such have the best quality glass and its thick and whatever

    But i bought my no name brand bong maybe 2-3 years ago and it still looks brand new and it still hits like chris brown punching rihana.

    Nice bong homie. Keep on smoking :smoke:

  6. ?????

  7. ^^^ I SAW THAT POST !!!i

  8. While its probably for the best, I missed it, lol

  9. Hell, I liked that post. A little abrasive, but based in reality...

  10. No problem with a little abrasion and actually I'd expected it. In the last week or so I've seen a few noobs get blasted when they claim to have real roor's or claim to have the best of glass when they obviously don't etc... Its all good. I openly admit that mine is a fake and not the best in the world and all but it was my first glass purchase and I was admittedly ignorant on the subject. Having done a little research here I now know and understand that there are better options out there and better deals to be had. Live and learn. But for now I'll be smoking out of my cheapie and loving it until it fails if ever :)
  11. ^That's the best attitude from someone with a knock-off I've seen on here. +Rep.
  12. At 140 that isn't too bad. I'm sure it better then a lot of the china stuff people get the first time they buy.
  13. Not bad for price coulda been alot worse my friend payed 220$ for something worse
  14. Thanks, I kinda just walked in and picked it out without knowing anything. It was the only beaker I'd ever seen. Lol
  15. Story of my life. ;) just busting balls OP, blaze it up my mans

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