my kind of pick-up! w/pic

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  1. got some new beans!

    Molokai frost
    Grape ape x JTR
    Heri x White Rhino
    Hog x Sour Turbo
    Jack Herer x Super Skunk
    Toxic Blue
    Early Skunk x Hash plant
    Black Domina
    Hollands Hope
    White Rhino x Molokai Frost
    Kush x Northern lights
    Heavenly Blue
    Purple Butters x Heri
    Purple Tops
    Early Girl
    Molokai Frost x Heri
    Danish Passion
    Early Durban Poison
    Jilly Bean
    (Uzbeki x Molokai Frost)x Heri
    Black Tas x Dutch Passion
    Willie Nelson x Heri
    G13 x G13 x BSH
    Jack Herer
    Bubba Kush x Deep Chunk
    ISS x BC Kush
    Sweet Tooth x Strawberry Blonde
    Afghani x Grapefruit
    Hog x Sour Diesel
    AK47 x Sour Turbo
    chemo x WW
    chemo x cluster bomb
    chemo x (island sweet skunk x bc kush)
    4way(purps) x flodica
    white widow x heri
    b3/n& x eurd purp t
    apollo 11 x heri
    (lifesaver x (ak47 x dsd v2)) x heri

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  2. Damn, that is sick!
  3. it is isnt it i dont even know where to start!
  4. Man........ Come to my place!
  5. ewoo! now that's going to be a blast.
  6. lol. they will do. i keep wanting to get an autoflower tho
  7. i wanna get high take me down to funky town shit man what a good investment all those seeds good luck get a journal or two giong so we can chsck that shiit out
  8. i forgot to say that was $600 bucks. good deal? i think so
  9. planning on growing every marijuana strain known to man there? :eek:

    That's intense!
  10. sorry bout the bragging, im just stoked
  11. wow man thats awesome where can you find a deal like that?
  12. i know a guy that knows a guy and i got lucky and got a trade in! i was so stoked that i went a little crazy
  13. am i still tootin my own horn? lol
  14. ha i'd say you've got a right to be stoked. thats like a dream all piled up right there. enjoy!
  15. i'd rather show off a girl friend but seeds are the next best thing lol.
  16. but i dont have a GF i have a wifey and shes all mine, no sharing!
  17. damn dim drooling on my keyboard
  18. I hate you.
    Lol j/k im just jelous.

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