My Journal - Friend Arrested 1 (Stupid Cops)

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    Hey all. As I said in my first Journal entry, I'll be sharing a lot of stories about what goes on in and around C-Ville,

    This punk was arrested for who knows what, probably just being stupid, but he decided he wanted to snitch on some people. (No one is sure the kid ratted but when he was arrested one of his good friends said "Z got arrested. The streets arent safe hes snitching.")

    Well the day after that, someone I know named Glen who sells marijuan (not my friend) was arrested for selling small grams. The cops were watching the kids house when he went out to serve my good friend and another kid I know so they got caught at the wrong place at the wrong time. Detectives cutoff the kids car right down the block and took them right out of the car and other cops were arresting the dealer.
    Here's another fucked up part and shows how dumb cops are, The detective said to my friend "Where's the ounces?" My friend was buying a gram of weed and they were trying to make him like he just sold an ounce. They were making like they've been on to him and they want to get him for selling ounces. It was really messed up.

    Then they asked my friend if he wanted to give up any information and it would help him out and he said "I'm not doing your work for you. Do the paperwork."

    Really just messed up and it's why I don't recommend buying weed in my town. Too many people just sell weed and are probably watched by the police to where it can get you caught. Nothing worse than getting caught because someone else is foolish.

    So now my friend has to face the judge soon like a man instead of some squealing bitch who gets everyone arrested because he probably couldn't handle his liquor.

    (DISCLAIMER: This story may or may not be based on true events. This story is meant solely to entertain the reader.)

  2. Paranoid much?
  3. Some say I'm paranoid, I say I'm careful. More than that, I say worry about yourself and enjoy the story.

  4. well if the one dude really did snitch and this "c-ville" (im guessin cashville TN?)
    well anyhoo if your city is any kind of badass he might not have long left

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