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  1. I deleted my thread of this PPP, so I have made it shorter and quick.
    400 HPS, miracle gro organic soil with hydro clay added to air and water retention. Planted on Easter sunday.




  2. this girl is probably close to 3 months and is looking really nice.:hello:
  3. Damn though 3 months and only 1.5ish feet tall? what's your light shedule
  4. I am in the 2nd week of 12/12, and before it was 24/0. It had many problems when it was first starting out...getting nutes just right. I ma not expecting much from this one, it was more for the practice so this winter when everyone is dry, I have some for my people.
  5. ya that makes sense then... your plant reminds me of a couple that I have.. Ima lil past week 4 veg..

    Is it your only one?

    Showing any sex yet?
  6. Your growing one plant under the 400 watt HPS?
  7. thats all I need:smoke:
  8. nice avatar. lol
  9. SORRY for the large image i tried to resize.
  10. nice hijack.

    plants look good
  11. thank you. this has been a great experience watching em grow
  12. How did you get your plants to start off so short ? Im keeping my plants constantly one and a half inches from my cfl lights , but they are still constantly getting taller.( But they are growing pretty well though).
  13. 24/0 lighting veg time.. nothin else helps too much.. I mean lst but that's a different route
  14. well... mine are about 3 foot 8-9inches so i bent them over... I use hanger wire to keep them down... it forms a knuckle where you bent it...
  15. Nice hijack AND blow off.

    Keep reading the posts, guys. By now, you should have much more robust plants. My PPP, at 1.5 months into flowering typically shows strong bud development. Something aint quite right yet.

    Just sayin,


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    this is my first indoor plant and it had problems starting out so thats probably why the small and slow growth. I just ordered some fox farm bloom and other nutes Ill give them a try and see if I can get this thing into shape.What nutes are you using and what ratio to a gallon of water?

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