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  1. 2 auto flower sweet cheese and one female seed that doesn't look like it will make it. Ill post pics later. Current using 2 20w daylight bulbs and just currently flushed the soil to clear the nutrients. I have a pH meter and have a fan in the top. Any ideas on how to keep the temp low? And what temp?

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  2. what kind of soil are you using? If it is time released nutes than flushing them only feeds them more. It breaks open the little fertilizer bubbles in the dirt.

    Need more info on grow.
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    You need more light pronto. 40 watt's for 3 plants isn't going to cut it. I'm using a 125w CFL (with reflector) to veg four seedlings (because of the heat it provides), but am switching to my Pro Grow 260 LED tomorrow at lights on.

    You can use several smaller bulbs instead of just one big one like I'm doing, but more light is needed.

    Your fan should be blowing horizontally across your plants AFAIK.

    As far as temps, between 70ºF - 80ºF is a good target, though I've heard far too many answers to give you a definitive exact temp target.

    My current setup keeps my temps ~79ºF and my two seedlings are doing great with the two other ones beginning to emerge from the soil.

    As NotTheMama said, more info on your setup is needed.

    Soil info, how often you're watering, the PH level of the water you're giving them, humidity, etc.
  4. Fox farm potting soil
  5. They are the daylight fluorescent I believe there both equivalent to 100w.

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