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  1. :hello::hello::hello: my indoor closet grow:smoke::smoke:






    feel free to give any pointers....suggestions etc (i need them this is my first indoor grow:wave::wave::smoke::smoke:
  2. these r all 4weeks old i put them in a bin with water and nutes in it and within a few days they sprouted like this
  3. i dnt water/spray them at all i just fill up my resevoir with water and nutes thats how my plants get water.....can anyone tell me what they think...???? r they doin/looking good????/
  4. Is this a hydro grow? plants look great!
  5. Thaankzz dude i appreciate that
  6. Nd no its not hydro .jus experimenting i have no pump or anything else just dirt water nd nutes
  7. okay my babies have been growing for well over a month...i started flowering them 8 days ago with 10 soft white bulbs....the problem is that there is absolutely no smell at curious to why there isnt...can anyone help me out on this????
  8. Some strains have less odor then others, my super silver haze has been flowering 7 weeks and has barely any smell at all
  9. o okay i c i was kinda worried i thought i was growing cabbage.... but thanks for the info

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